WINE ALERT Paul Hobbs’ under $40 Chardonnay

16×20 Chardonnay is just another wine venture that will add more accolades to Paul’s ever growing portfolio.   Sourced from two very small vineyards on the Sonoma Coast, this limited production bottling will wow you but on the palate as well as wallet!

16 x 20 Chardonnay 2013, Sonoma Coast
Retail 43.00 – GGWC 39.99
Use code 16x20CHD upon checkout

The nose on the surface hints at green apples with a whiff of pineapple. With a little time in the glass, the spicy floral bouquet shows up carrying tingly lemon and tangerine aromas, supported by a core of peaches and cream. The allure of this cool climateChardonnay shows layered and subtle flavors revealing themselves with a little time and a little attention. Pure, clean, refreshing…and now I’m getting a soft and subtle sensation of fluffy lemon cream. Taking a sip, the first impression is of bright green apples, followed by hints of citrus peel, citrus deserts and a touch of tangerine. It’s compelling that the flavors are so bright and refreshing, light and delicate, yet the feel has substantial volume. Nuances come and go in the long, mouth-coating finish.

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