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HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CABERNET By Mark Angelillo, Cabernet Sauvignon is a shape-shifter. This is true for nearly every grape, but most especially Cab. Perhaps because it is grown in so many places, we are aware of the many different shapes it can take. Climate, terroir, vintage year, winemaking and more make a huge […]

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The French say that the ‘crazy’ English invented the fizzy wine…

The French say that the ‘crazy’ English invented the fizzy wine… By David Chazan, The Telegraph The head of one of France’s most prestigious Champagne houses has weighed in to the long-running debate about the origin of the sparkling wine by saying that “it was invented by the English”. Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, head of the illustrious […]

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Objectivity and Loving Attention: The secret to wine tasting…

Objectivity and Loving Attention By Dwight furrow in Edible Arts The key to objectivity, for human beings not Gods, is attending to an object for what it is, as something that demands I attend to it with discipline. For instance, a difficult piece of music demands of a pianist who wants to master it that […]

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Five wine rules I’m breaking

Five wine rules I’m breaking Written by  Lee Suckling New Zeland Winegrower Many older vintages have had long enough to mature and don’t need a decanter. Wine appreciation is full of accepted rules and wisdom. Some are as simple as “red wine goes with red meat”. Others are more finicky – e.g. “Champagne must be served […]

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Zinfandel – The fascinating history of ‘California’s grape’

Zinfandel – The fascinating history of ‘California’s grape’ By Allison Levine Napa Valley Register Croatian winemaking history began around 2200 B.C.; California’s winemaking history started in 1779. All of our vitis vinifera grapes in California came from somewhere else. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are from Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux, Tempranillo and Albariño from Spain, […]

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Red Wine Components May Help Prevent Breast Cancer Growth!

Red Wine Components May Epigenetically Help Prevent Breast Cancer Growth Study finds proanchocyanidins and reservatrol, abundantly found in red wine, synergystically inhibit breast cancer cells while affecting epigenetic mechanisms. By Natalie Crowley Pink may be the color for breast cancer awareness month, but when it comes to reducing your risk for the disease; the color red […]

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San Francisco’s Restaurants Still Outclass New York!

The Bay Area dominates the Michelin three-star category. Let the cross-continent sniping begin! By  Kate Krader, Bloomberg Alteier Crenn San Francisco has been fighting to be the top fine dining city in the country. And it keeps winning. Michelin put its weight behind the West Coast again. The storied guide awarded three stars to eight restaurants; two were upgraded, including Single […]

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Objective vs. Subjective in Wine Tasting

Objective vs. Subjective in Tasting By my long time friend and Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser It’s a common scenario: an industry person is leading a consumer tasting. During the tasting two people in the crowd have completely different responses when asked about one of the wines. And their descriptions are wildly different compared to that of […]

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2018’s Top 25 Wines!

   It has been an amazing year of tasting, smelling & swishing wines. We tasted over 2700 wines this year, so to come up with our “own” Top 25 wines that are “the greatest” is not easy. But as always, we try to do our best! My tasting group of 16 wine swishers, wine smellers, […]

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A Holiday Book Suggestion

Kevin Zraly ~ Windows on the World Complete Wine Course’s Latest Edition My old friend Kevin Zraly has a new book out, just in time for the holidays! Jo Diaz of wrote this wonderful review: Wine is infinitely more intriguing than most other balls in the air we juggle during life, especially for the curious. Much of our […]

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