A $40s Napa Cabernet Gem – ONLY 3 BARRELS PRODUCED

Who says that it needs to cost a bundle to be very good?  Our friends from Playground Cellars proved it with their latest St. Helena AVA Cabernet release.

Playground Cellars 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Helena Napa Valley
GGWC 41.99
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A smashing wine, my British friends would say. Yummy good! On the nose, you are greeted by black stone fruit that jumps out of the glass.  On the palate, this medium to a full-bodied youngster is loaded with ripe black currants, a hint of spice, chocolate and licorice that emerge from this ripe, intense, focused beauty.  The flavors linger into the long, elegant and silky finish.  Sadly only 3 barrels (70 cases) were produced! 

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Coho … A Cab worth reeling in

I am thrilled to introduce the new Coho Cabernet Sauvignon from the very (small) 2015 vintage. The wine is sourced from two family-owned vineyards located in the Napa Valley (Sugarloaf East 88% & Perata 12%). Winemaker Phil Titus (longtime “star” at Chappellet) produced an amazing, crowd-pleasing wine! As always the Coho production is limited, only 208 cases produced of this vintage were made – so don’t wait too long to jump on this wine!

Coho 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
GGWC 64.99
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The 2015 kicks of with bright aromatics of licorice and mocha that  lead to a rich palate of cassis and black currant flavors on the big bold palate. The wine is full and lush in body, loaded with bold and bright black stone fruit and a touch of lively acidity that will support the flavors for years of exceptional enjoyment. However you won’t have to wait as it is already eminently enjoyable.

Antonio Galloni wrote in Vinous: “This is one of the more open-knit, voluptuous wine(s) of the year… Readers looking for immediate gratification will find plenty of that here”.

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Bridesmaid Gets Married…. We give her a FREE SHIPPING gift!

After many years the Bridesmaid wines are being rebranded of sorts.  Pam Starr (fomer Spottswoode winemaker) has been producing the Crocker & Starr/Bridesmaid wines for many years now.  Crocker & Starr was always estate grown, Bridesmaid only partially.  That has changed and so has the pacakaging. Gorgeous new labels and the same stunning wines, sort of a new (married) life for the Bridesmaid…

Crocker & Starr 2018 “Bridesmaid” Proprietary White Blend Napa Valley
GGWC 27.99
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This brilliant Sauvignon Blanc blend is pale straw yellow in the glass and the aroma is loaded with honeysuckle, lychee, lime leaves, and laced with the slight salinity of oyster shell. Mouthwatering flavors of lemon meringue pie, key lime, honeydew melon, and white peach gleam on the palate. And the Semillon adds jelly richness to the wine’s medium-bodied, perfectly balanced center. The wine shines all the way through the savory finish, which is lined with crushed seashell. You will love this so much that a case simply won’t be enough!

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How Did Wine Change the Course of History?

How Did Wine Change the Course of History?

By Josh Friedland
New Jersey Monthly

In a new book, Atlantic County oenophile John Mahoney
posits that fermented grapes led to the birth of Western civilization.


Illustration by Victor Jurasz

Around 9,000 years ago, a band of nomadic humans roaming around Western Asia stumbled across wild grapes that had fallen into a crack in a rock and fermented. They tasted the cloudy, purple liquid that had oozed out. We’ll never know whether they grunted primordial tasting notes, but the encounter would change the course of human history.

That, at least, is the theory of wine’s origins presented by wine expert John Mahoney in his new book, Wine: The Source of Civilization. Mahoney, a resident of Atlantic County and a former professor of English literature, argues that wine not only predated ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, but was the catalyst that led to the birth of Western civilization.

He suggests that after the last Ice Age ended, humans got their first taste of wine in its crudest, natural form and were so taken with it that it contributed to them putting down roots, literally and figuratively. Central to his claims are recent chemical analyses of Neolithic pottery, unearthed from archaeological sites in Georgia in the South Caucasus, which found that the pottery, dating from 6,000 BC, contained residues of acids consistent with wine made from grapes.

If the people of ancient Georgia were able to make wine 8,000 years ago, Mahoney speculates, then they must have first encountered naturally fermented grape juice much earlier. He cites evidence of winemaking in Çatal Hüyük, considered the world’s first city, dating to about 7,500 BC, in what is now Turkey. Çatal Hüyük was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012.

While some scholars contend beer was discovered even earlier, perhaps even as long as 15,000 years ago, Mahoney maintains that wine came first by at least 4,000 years. That debate has yet to be resolved.

Mahoney, who calls himself a wine missionary, is the author of six books, including Wine for Intellectualsand Every Bottle Has a Story. He has taught courses on wine at Stockton University and Montclair State University and serves as chancellor of the North American chapter of the Dionysian Society, an international organization devoted to wine appreciation.

“After I wrote Wine for Intellectuals,” he says, “I got into conversations with people about where wine comes from. I found it fascinating that we just assume it came from the Greeks. But research shows that it was much, much older.”

The Phoenicians, he writes, an early maritime civilization, prospered by trading both wine and grape vines, as did the ancient Greeks and Romans. He asserts that societies that made wine, sold it as a commodity, and drank it in moderation were able to amass wealth, expand their political power, and make historic social, economic and cultural advances.

Mahoney argues that the origins of the Christian ritual of the Eucharist can be traced back more than a thousand years before Jesus, when the Greeks drank wine as a symbol of the blood of their gods in a sacrificial rite called eucharista. He notes that drama was invented in ancient Greece as a ritual performed for Dionysus, the god of wine.

Armies such as those led by Alexander the Great were successful in military campaigns, he proposes, because they carried wine, which they mixed with water. The wine served as a disinfectant, preventing fighters from getting sick as they conquered new territories.

“The more we know about wine,” he writes, “the more we will know about ourselves.”


Sauvignon of the year by Scarecrow winemaker… A must have!

Celia has earned many great accolades as the winemaker of Scarecrow, Corra, Rewa, Castiel, Keever and many other wineries.  This latest Sauvignon Blanc, the Keever 2018 vintage is probably the best to come from this estate ever.  Unfortunately a very small production!

The fruit for this Sauvignon Blanc was grown both on the Keever Estate Vineyard in Yountville’s western hills and on the Jonquil Ranch, located in the dry eastern soils of Napa Valley. The fruit was hand-harvested and gently pressed, then fermented in a combination of French oak and stainless steel barrels. The wine was left on the lees for approximately six months with biweekly battonage before bottling in March 2019

Keever 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
GGWC 37.99
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Winemaker Notes: “Fresh, bright lemon zest, fresh pineapple and white floral notes lift from the glass of this bright, clean Sauvignon Blanc, which a very subtle hint of vanilla and caramel add balance and complexity. On the palate, the texture is both crisp and juicy, again showing ripe fruit character in this multi-faceted expression of Sauvignon Blanc. True to the Keever style, the wine displays a balanced acidity paired with a crisp, dry finish, and stands alone as gracefully as it pairs with lighter-style meals.


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I am very sorry, but this release came and went very fast! Inventory is very limited.



Paul Lato 2017 Chardonnay “It’s All Good” Talley – Oliver’s Vineyard 

The “It’s All Good” is the Premier Release from a special block on the Talley vineyard. Growing in sandy clay loam in the Edna Valley, these 27-year-old vines produce Chardonnay of great balance and complexity. Opening with youthful aromas of white peach, river rock, and almond flowers on the nose. Its lively, caressing palate is a seamless balance of crisp Fuji apple and salted caramel. With its smooth and refreshing finish, this Chardonnay will charm you into saying, “It’s all good…”

Paul Lato 2017 Chardonnay “Done & Done” Talley – Rincon Vineyard

The “Done & Done” is another Premier Release for Paul Lato from a unique corner of the Rincon Vineyard from Brian Talley. The inaugural vintage of this vineyard is a classic California Chardonnay. It offers intriguing aromas of honeysuckle, apricot, and river rock. It will seductively draw you in with flavors of bright peach, honey, pear, and creamy marshmallow. This medium-bodied wine is balanced with good acidity—making it lovely on its own or perfect with food. The rich and delicious finish provides the perfect end to this delightful wine.

Paul Lato 2017 Chardonnay “Souvenir” Sierra Madre Vineyard
GGWC 79.99

Paul Lato Notes: ”This wine possesses a powerful and exuberant nose of brioche and lemon zest, with nuances of vanilla and spice. It is dry, yet plenty rich in its taste, with medium plus body, voluptuous and round texture, and nuances of minerals. The seamless integration of new French oak provides plenty of structure, and leads into a gracefully dry finish, inviting you to take another sip. It will drink wonderfully on its own with great conversation or while reading your favorite novel. One of our favorite dishes to pair is a creamy Lobster risotto in light saffron spice.”

Parker 95 Points (2016): “From one of the oldest vineyards in the Santa Maria Valley, Paul Lato’s superb 2016 Chardonnay le Souvenir Sierra Madre Vineyard reveals attractive aromas of yellow orchard fruit, citrus zest, peach and honeycomb. On the palate, it’s medium to full-bodied, with more textural glossiness than the Belle de Jour, underpinned by bright acids and concluding with an intense, chalky finish. This is quite structurally tight-knit right now and will need a couple of years in the cellar to blossom."

Paul Lato 2017 Chardonnay “Belle de Jour” Duravita Vineyard
GGWC 79.99

This bottling has created a real following.  I would be hard pressed, but I can tell you that this one is every bit as good as his previous Belle de Jour bottlings, maybe a touch more focused and more elegant! A real “skilled” winemaker gem! Due to the success with the previous vintages I have a lot of demand for this bottling and it will be sold out well before it arrives at my store!

Paul Lato Notes: “Very sleek and elegant chardonnay from the Biodynamic Duvarita vineyard, it is a classic example of the intriguing depth and complexity Biodynamic wines exhibit. It is intensely aromatic, with acacia flowers and seabreeze-like mineral notes on the nose. Medium bodied, long in the mouth, clean, and very well balanced on the palate, finishing with the contrasting flavors of lemon zest and butterscotch. It is lively enough to be an aperitif; however, it will greatly compliment seafood like shrimp, scallop, or pair well with traditional French cuisine..”

Jeb Dunnuck (formerly with Robert Parker) 2016 Review 96 Points:  “Buttered orchard fruits, creamed corn, spice box, toasted bread, and white flower notes all emerge from the 2016 Chardonnay Belle du Jour Duvarita Vineyard, a sensational Chardonnay that's up with the gems in this report. Possessing remarkable purity, medium body, nicely integrated acidity, and a great finish, it's already impossible to resist yet should evolve gracefully on its balance and purity. This cuvée comes from a vineyard in the Sta. Rita Hills and spent 15 months in 55% new French oak.”

Paul Lato 2017 Chardonnay “East of Eden” Pisoni Vineyard
GGWC 84.99

This is the Seventh release of the “East of Eden” Chardonnay from the famed Pisoni Vineyard. Only a few barrels were produced, and I was lucky to get a few cases from Paul as they were all earmarked for his mailing list and for restaurants like French Laundry, Per Se, Gary Danko, etc.  This is probably the best rendition of a 1er Cru Montrachet produced in California.  As you are aware of Paul’s meticulous wine-making skills and strategy, nothing escapes this guru of precision! I’d say that this wine is very similar to the great 2015 vintage, which received 97 Points from Parker!

Paul Lato notes: “Powerful yet controlled nose, with aromas of flint, lily, and Crème Brulee, California meets Burgundy. The body is long and powerful with marine-influenced salinity and a fresh boisterous finish. This wine has a larger-than-life personality, much like the man growing the grapes, Gary Pisoni. This wine will pair well with lighter dishes of seafood or chicken, but also has the potential to compliment a steak..”

Jeb Dunnuck (formerly with Robert Parker) 2016 – 98 Points: “Coming from a terrific site located at the southern end of the Santa Lucia Highlands, the 2016 Chardonnay East of Eden Pisoni Vineyard boasts phenomenal notes of ripe citrus and white peach fruits, white flowers, and freshly crushed rocks. It's clean, incredibly pure, and elegant on the palate, with a level of tension and vibrancy you don't find too often in the vintage. I followed this bottle for two days and it only improved with air. It's a brilliant Chardonnay from Lato that’s going to benefit from a year or two of bottle age and age gracefully for a decade or more. Don’t miss it!.”

Paul Lato 2017 Pinot Noir “Seabiscuit”
GGWC 84.99

This latest Zotovich “Seabiscuit” bottling is by far Paul’s best effort to date! I would say that it will rival his 97 Point rated 2015 & 16 versions!  As it is the case with all of Paul’s wines, I get limited amounts of this great gems, so I can only remind you how great and limited they are!

Paul Lato Notes: “Located toward the center of Highway 246 on a gentle, even slope with northern exposure, Zotovich Vineyard has proven capable of making extraordinary wine with great aromatics and fine structure. Dark pleasant red, with rose, bing cherry, raspberry cake, and a hint of wood aromatics. It is mid-bodied, zesty and smooth on the texture with a bit of spice on the finish. The tannins are gentle but persistent and will allow this wine to age gracefully with time and will be ready to drink within a couple of years.”

Jeb Dunnuck (formerly with Robert Parker) 2016 – 97 Points: “From a site in the northern part of the Sta. Rita Hills, the 2016 Pinot Noir Seabiscuit Zotovich Vineyard (60% new French oak) reveals a medium ruby/translucent color as well as a classic bouquet of ripe red and black fruits, forest floor, white flowers, and spice. It picks up a lovely floral quality with time in the glass and is seamless, silky, and perfectly balanced on the palate, with ultra-fine tannins. I almost always find the Zotovich to be one of the most compelling wines in the lineup from Lato and the 2016 is no exception. It's as classic and balanced as it gets. Give bottles 2-3 years in the cellar and it's going to evolve for 10-15 years.” 

Paul Lato 2017 Pinot Noir “Suerte” Solomon Hills
GGWC 86.99

Paul is not slowing down one bit, and this workhorse “Suerte” will amaze many Pinot lovers alike! It shows gorgeously young, and will even improve a lot more in the years to come!  Only a few barrels produced! This 2017 is any bit as good as the 96+ point rated 2014, 15 & 16 vintages!

Paul Lato Notes: “Solomon Hills is the most westerly vineyard in the appellation, making it the coolest due to its proximity to the ocean. Suerte is a favorite of some of my most loyal supporters, including Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck. Dark color with a shiny hue. Pronounced brooding nose with darker fruit nuances of blueberry pie and cherry with a hint of clove and light smoke. On the body, the wine is well defined possessing zesty flavors with balanced structure and bright acidity. While the tannins are quite firm on the finish, the wine delivers plenty of pleasure and intensity. Classic Santa Maria Pinot at its best. Decant one half hour prior to service.”

Jeb Dunnuck (formerly with Robert Parker) 2016 – 96+ Points: “Lato always makes the most of this great vineyard, which is located in the cooler, Pacific Ocean-influenced Santa Maria Valley. Black raspberries, red plums, violets, and hints of scorched earth all emerge from the 2016 Pinot Noir Suerte Solomon Hills Vineyard and it’s one of the more masculine, mineral-laced wines in the lineup. Nevertheless, it has beautiful purity and an undeniable elegance. Aged 15 months in 65% new French oak, give bottles a year or so and enjoy over the following decade.”

Paul Lato 2017 Pinot Noir “Lancelot” Pisoni Vineyard
GGWC 99.99

The “flagship” wine of Paul’s Portfolio!  I don’t need to tell you that the Pisoni vineyard is often compared to the best (1er Cru) vineyards in Burgundy, and Paul puts a real Burgundian twist on this source!  This wine equals the best of the previous Lancelot bottlings and could even surpass it! 

Paul Lato Notes: “This is another special vintage from Pisoni Vineyard.  Vibrant and deep, dark cherry color.  Booming aromatics out of the glass, with blueberry pie-like notes. Power and grace in the mouth with plenty of fruit, oak, and vanilla nuances that blend seamlessly. Touch of spice and abundance of minerality. Long finish, very impressive now and full of aging potential and evolution in the bottle. Our Grand Cru from Santa Lucia Highlands.”

Jeb Dunnuck (formerly with Robert Parker) 2016 – 97 Points: “More black fruits, plums, crushed rocks, and spice emerge from the 2016 Pinot Noir Lancelot Pisoni Vineyard, and as always, it's one of the bigger, richer wines in this lineup. Possessing medium to full-bodied richness, good acidity, and ample tannic grip, it needs 2-3 years of bottle age but is nevertheless a beautiful wine. The Pisoni Vineyard is located in the southern end of the Santa Lucia Highlands, a slightly warmer terroir of granite soils, and this wine always sees a touch more new oak than the other cuvées, spending 15 months in 70% new barrels.”

Paul Lato 2017 Pinot Noir “C’est La Vie” Drumm Canyon
GGWC 84.99

This might be the very best C’est La Vie bottling to date (formerly Contender)!  This rendition of the Drumm Canyon Vineyard “C’est La Vie” will make you (happily) dream of a 1er Cru Pommard at a much lower price point!  This latest release is Paul’s best effort to-date and I have only 5 cases of this wine to offer!

Paul Lato Notes: “Our parcel at Drum Canyon Vineyard is on a severely steep hillside graced with beautiful southern exposure. Attractive, dark red. Boysenberry and cassis notes. Full of energy, wired with fine tannin and a long spicy finish. Made from two Burgundy suitcase clones, and would easily fit as a ringer wine in a Burgundy tasting. Decant one hour prior to service.”

Jeb Dunnuck (Formerly with Robert Parker) 2016 – 96 Points: “The 2016 Pinot Noir Drum Canyon Vineyard comes from a site in Sta. Rita Hills and is a relatively new cuvée from Lato that was first made in 2013. From a mix of two suitcase clones (Swan and Calera) and aged 15 months in 50% new French oak, it's a larger scaled, darker fruited effort that has ample cassis and black raspberry fruits, subtle oak, notes of lavender, violets, and spice, medium to full body, and building structure that emerges with time in the glass. It's a beautifully complete wine that will benefit from a year in bottle and keep for over a decade.”

Paul Lato 2017 Pinot Noir “Atticus” John Sebastiano Vyd, Santa Barbara
GGWC 84.99

This might be one of Paul’s best interpretations of this great vineyard.  Intensely aromatic, lush fruit, medium to full in body, but extremely well-balanced.  Bright red stone fruit on the mid-palate with a hint of spice leading into a long silky finish.

Paul Lato Notes: “John Sebastiano is my most eastern vineyard in the appellation with a stunning south facing hillside topography.  Combined with its relatively windy locale, this vineyard produces wines of high concentration.  This wine has pronounced notes of raspberry and tart blueberry.  It has smooth texture, fine structure, and a zesty long finish with a hint of spice. Needs three years in the bottle but will last 12+ years.  Atticus has been an international favorite from its very first vintage.”

Jeb Dunnuck (Formerly with Robert Parker) 95+ Points: “From a site on the eastern edge of the Sta. Rita Hills, the Atticus John Sebastiano Vineyard spent 15 months in 75% new French oak. It’s vibrant ruby color is followed by notes of blackberries, raspberries, smoked earth, ground herbs and hints of minerality. It’s one of the larger framed, riper wines from Paul, yet in this vintage, it stays beautifully focused, tight and pure. It has the balance and texture to shine today, but it will be better with a year or two of bottle age.”

Paul Lato 2017 Pinot Noir “Duende” Gold Coast
GGWC 84.99

This is Burgundy made in California!  The Gold Coast Vineyard is 30 years old and is own rooted (no rootstock)!  Intensely perfumed aromatics jump out of the glass. Medium to full in body, this wine offers gobs of red stone fruit, a touch of underbrush and spice in its medium to full-bodied shell.  The wine lingers for a longtime into a gorgeous, lengthy finish.

Paul Lato Notes: “This may very well by my finest vintage of Duende to date. Delicate, medium red color and fantastic perfume. Stewed strawberry and raspberry notes with very pleasant red fruit nuances from the nearly 30 year old vines at Gold Coast Vineyard. Silky texture on the tongue from the intermingling of the fruit with the finest new French oak – refreshing acidity and light tannins on the finish.  Duende is a perennial favorite of many of my longest customers.”

Jeb Dunnuck (Formerly with Robert Parker) 2016 – 96 Points: “Moving to the Pinot Noirs, the 2016 Pinot Noir Duende Gold Coast Vineyard comes from a site in the Santa Maria Valley and spent 15 months in 50% new French oak. Black cherry and raspberry fruits as well as lovely notes of underbrush, forest floor, white flowers, and hints of vanilla all emerge from this elegant, multidimensional Pinot Noir that has awesome purity and length

Paul Lato 2017 Pinot Noir “Prospect” Sierra Madre
GGWC 89.99

The 2017 Pinot Noir “The Prospect” is polished and sensual from the very first taste. Plump and juicy, but also light on its feet, it has a level of finesse and subtlety that is quite rare in this vintage. Bright, saline notes infuse the tightly wound finish. I would prefer to cellar the 2017 for a year or two.

Paul Lato notes: “We source the best of the best grapes from Sierra Madre, the prime property in the middle of the valley; Sierra Madre and Pisoni are the only two vineyards that I make both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  Medium dark color, pretty and translucent with a nose of fresh strawberry and bing cherry. It has well defined mineral structure and finishes zesty and delicious.”

Jeb Dunnuck (Formerly with Robert Parker) 2016 – 96 Points: Brought up in 50% new French oak as well, the 2016 Pinot Noir The Prospect Sierra Madre Vineyard offers more underbrush and stem/earthy notes. It has rocking purity of fruit on the palate, a silky texture, ultra-fine tannins, and a clean, crisp finish. This Burgundian beauty just glides across the palate and is another brilliant wine from Lato. Give bottles a year or two.”

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I am thrilled to pass on outstanding news! Once again, Robert Parker has reviewed My Favorite Neighbor 2017 as the highest scoring wines in the world in its price-point!

In fact, it outscores 99% of the wines in the world across all price-points!

A very exciting time to be part of MFN’s growth as it continues to garner great accolades from Robert Parker, Anthony Galloni, and Jeb Dunnuck. And it tastes great too!

What started as an homage to Stephan Asseo of L’Aventure Winery and his Bordeaux roots quickly became an obsession. Stretching wide across the Westside Hills of Paso Robles is clay soil amazingly similar to those found in Napa and Bordeaux. Today, these special sites are farmed meticulously by the farmers who have become My Favorite Neighbors. With their dedication to the land, we are able to craft a world-class wine without any shortcuts or compromises. Welcome to the Neighborhood.

Booker “My Favorite Neighbor” Cab Blend, Paso Robles
Retail 85.00 – GGWC 82.99
Use code SHIPFREE6 during checkout

Jeb Dunnuck 97 Points: “The 2017 My Favorite Neighbor is in the same ballpark and offers terrific notes of crème de cassis, tobacco leaf, lead pencil shavings, and cedary herbs. It’s a full-bodied, silky, impeccably balanced beauty that has just subtle background oak, a stacked mid-palate, and terrific purity of fruit.”

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Walter Hansel has become synonymous with great quality at a great price!  Year after year these wines seem to impress me and my clientele alike.  The first vines were planted in 1978 just a up the block from Kistler!  The actual winery did not start till 1996 when they produced 3 barrels of Pinot Noir and 10 barrels of Chardonnay, and the rest as they say, is history!  Stephen Hansel (Walter’s son) had one of the best winemakers as his tutor (Tom Rochiolli) so it is no surprise that they are still putting out great wines decades later.  Year after this winery has produced amazing “Dollar Cost Average” under priced wines!

Walter Hansel 2016 Cuvee Alyce, Russian River Valley
GGWC 41.99
Use code SHIPFREE12 during checkout

Robert Parker 95 Points: “The 2016 Chardonnay Cuvee Alyce is scented of fresh grapefruit, pineapple and warm apricots with hints of chalk dust, fresh ginger, brioche and cashews. Medium to full-bodied, it packs in tons of opulent tropical and spice flavors, with a pleasant oiliness to the texture and a very long finish.”

Also check out these other Walter Hansel wines (mix & match for FREE SHIPPING)

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98 Point Syrah Sensation

Bibiana González Rave is the founder and winemaker of Cattleya Wines. She is also the wife of star winemaker Jeff Pisoni.  Born and raised in Colombia and trained as a winemaker in France, she moved to California in 2007 to settle into making extraordinary wines.  In her words: “Since my early teenage years, my dream has been to make wine. At a very young age I was fortunate enough to begin learning how to make wine in France. I trained myself while working with some amazing winemakers who showed me the importance of loving the land, how to respect the farming itself, and to focus on the many details that go into making each drop of wine in each and every bottle.”  She is the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay winemaker at Pahlmeyer and produces “Shared Notes” wines with her husband Jeff Pisoni.  All those ingredients together and you have one of the best winemakers in the country!

Cattleya 2016 Syrah “Soberanes” Santa Lucia Highlands
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The wine offers up an amazing bouquet of exotic fruit that jumps out of the glass. The color is bold and intense and the flavors on the palate just reflect the same – intense black stone fruit, a touch for floral quality and a hint of meaty-bacon fat.  Densely concentrated, yet incredibly elegant at the same time.  The flavors go on and on into a gorgeously long finish with silky tannins!

Jeff Dunnuck 98 Points: “I think one of the best Syrahs coming out of California today is the Soberanes Vineyard from Bibiana. Sporting a vibrant purple color as well La Landonne-like notes of currants, bacon fat, white pepper, and cedar, the 2016 hits the palate with full-bodied richness, awesome purity of fruit, and a huge finish. More dry-aged beef and assorted meatiness develop with time in the glass, and while it was aged in 100% new French oak, it’s absorbed every trace of it. It’s an awesome Syrah to drink over the coming 10-15 years.”

Make sure to check out the other highly rated Cattleya wines:

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Why Drinking The Right Amount Of Red Wine Is Actually Good For You.

Why Drinking The Right Amount Of Red Wine
Is Actually Good For You

in The Richest

Drinking red wine can actually have a lot of health benefits, studies show. Be sure to drink it in moderation, though.

We currently live in a time where it feels like everything and anything is bad for us. Yes, we know smoking and processed food are likely doing us damage, but even things we would do and eat in an attempt to be healthy are bad for us now. The sugar content of fruit, for example. We’d feel pretty good about ourselves in the past for choosing a banana over a Kit Kat. Now, not so much.

We kid, of course. We know fruit is still better for you than chocolate, regardless of a banana’s sugar content. The key to everything we do, eat, and drink is moderation. Which brings us to the topic of this article, red wine. Many of us enjoy kicking back with a glass of vino after a hard day at work, and it turns out you might be doing your body more good than bad by doing so.

An article recently published by Cosmopolitan highlighted some of the benefits of drinking a five-ounce glass of red wine every night. We must stress that if you drink more than that on a regular basis, the bad may start to outweigh the good. On to those benefits though, and believe it or not, red wine actually helps fight cavities. Your teeth might be stained purple initially, but red wine has been found to kill cavity-causing bacteria.

It’s not only your teeth it’s keeping healthy either. One of the antioxidants found in red wine is commonly associated with fighting off allergy and asthma symptoms. Even more promising is the research into red wine’s relationship with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The metabolites formed in your gut by red wine have been successfully used by scientists to prevent neurological cells from dying. Pretty cool.

Moving on. Despite alcohol consumption often being linked to depression, a 2013 study found that those who drink between two and seven glasses a week actually stand less chance of becoming depressed. And last but not least, diabetes. Extensive research into wine consumption found that those who drink it with dinner instead of water stood less chance of developing type two diabetes. We knew Jesus was on to something when he turned water into wine.