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Thomas Rivers Brown Chardonnay wins blind tasting!

Our tasting group of 14 evaluated, tasted then imbibed some amazing Chardonnays in our most recent meeting.  The lineup included the following: PISONI “Estate” (96 JD) ARNOT ROBERTS “TROUT GULCH”  (95 AG) DIATOM “Hilliard Bruce “ (95 JD) AUBERT CIX (99 RP) Pahlmeyer (96 JD) Cattleya “Pratt” (97 JD) PETER MICHAEL “Belle Cote” (96 RP) LEWIS […]

HURRY GOING FAST – Cali Value Wines & we’ll even throw in the shipping!

Walter Hansel has become synonymous with great quality at a great price!  Year after year these wines seem to impress me and my clientele alike.  The first vines were planted in 1978 just a up the block from Kistler!  The actual winery did not start till 1996 when they produced 3 barrels of Pinot Noir […]

SORRY…. LAST CALL 4 DuMOL 2017 releases!

The much-anticipated release of the 2017 DuMOL Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Syrah are finally here and SELLING FAST! 2017 Wester Reach Chardonnay GGWC 61.99 net FREE SHIPPING on SIX or more Use code SHIPFREE6 during checkout The 2017 Chardonnay Wester Reach comes from the Russian River Valley, it has terrific notes of citrus and Meyer […]

A Classic MUST HAVE Chardonnay!

Bibiana González Rave is the founder and winemaker of Cattleya Wines. She is also the wife of star winemaker Jeff Pisoni.  Born and raised in Colombia and trained as a winemaker in France, she moved to California in 2007 to settle into making extraordinary wines.  In her words: “Since my early teenage years, my dream has been to […]

Inaugural Release of Maritana a.k.a. Life after Patz & Hall… The Remake… 2.0

After 29 vintages with his previous company Patz & Hall, Donald Patz moved on in May of 2017. It was a perfect moment to quit or take some time off. That’s not really his style. Donald hit the ground running on May 1, 2017 to implement a new wine brand. “I had some things I […]

Screaming Eagle’s under $60 Chardonnay

Stan Kroenke, owner of Screaming Eagle (etal) loves Santa Ynez and The Santa Rita Hills where he created Jonata and The Hilt.  Initially Andy Erickson who was the long time winemaker at Screaming Eagle was in charge, eventually turning over the reigns to Matt Dees.   Today Matt has totally transformed both wineries and it […]

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94 Point ~ Powerful & Impeccable Chardonnay

The wrath of Juno sent Aeneas wandering the Mediterranean in Vergil’s Aeneid. For the ancient Romans, ira or wrath, was a tool of a god, an unstoppable anger driven by forces greater than man. One can argue that we see such fury in both the might of nature and the passion of art. Wrath appears […]

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Ehren Jordan’s F-Block Brilliance!

Ehren Jordan does not need an intro, unless you don’t know that he was the long time winemaker at Turley. The Chardonnay is sourced from Block F – easily one of Hudson’s best and most intriguing spots for the varietal.  Originally planted in 1984, the parcel sits is almost immediately visible from the entryway to […]

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Paul Lato’s 2017 Chardonnay and Pinot New Releases!

Great NEWS, the AMAZING 2017 wines from my friend  and winemaker Paul Lato are reaching the shores of San Francisco.  The 2017 vintage is probably one of the best ones to date. Astonishing quality, but as always very small quantities.  I am very excited about the ADDITION of TWO new Chardonnays to Paul’s ever expanding […]


Jason Kesner, winemaker extraordinaire at Kistler created yet another amazing wine. Jason was the longtime vineyard manager at Hudson, when in 2002 he produced 25 cases of his first wine for some of the top restaurants like French Laundry, Gary Danko and Golden Gate Wine Cellars! The following year he produced a massive 75 cases, […]

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