Paul Hobbs pulls another one out of his “big” hat!

Stewart Wines

The latest two releases of the Stewart wines are real stunners, and having Paul Hobbs as your quarterback only reiterates what a key guy he is to a winery!  For those who bought the previous vintage (which received rave reviews), I can tell you that the 2008 vintage will “rock your world!”  Paul does not need much intro, as he has been at the helm of many great ventures both domestic and international.

Stewart 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
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Stewart Cabernet SauvignonSourced from some of Napa Valley’s most sought after vineyards like State Lane (100 point winery – Kapcsandy), Stagecoach, Las Piedras (formerly known as Beck IV, as in Beckstoffer). This is a dense, seamless and plush wine showing the impressive quality of the grapes and craftsmanship brought to its creation. The wine’s concentration shows first in its clear, nearly opaque purple-ruby color. The immense aroma is of dark berries underlain with subtle French oak giving a complex brooding, spicy impression. The structure is plush and fleshy with all elements of fruit, oak, tannins and acidity precisely balanced and intricately integrated. A pure beam of concentrated dark, brambly fruit shines from the deep middle of the wine. The tannins are rich and coat the mouth, yet remain superbly velvety from the opulent start to the long, lingering finish. This is a wine with the intensity of fine, ripe fruit and powerful structure to age and develop for many years in the bottle.

Stewart 2009 Chardonnay, Farina Vineyard Sonoma Mountain
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This is a rich, opulent wine showing the pedigree of its ripe fruit and a careful winemaking hand. The character of the vineyard as an old selection of vines with a distinguished heritage is front and center in the clear, medium-yellow wine, with its big tropical fruit notes of pineapple and mango.  There is a hint of vanilla and toast in the aroma, enough to bring complexity without distracting from the exuberant fruit. The delicate touch of the winemaker is evident in the lovely balance of the wine’s structure, round and fleshy without being ponderous, centered on the sunny warmth of the tropical fruit flavors with the supporting oak notes of vanilla, caramel and toast well in the background yet lingering through the finish. Delicious to drink now it will be intriguing to watch the wine develop over a few years of bottle age.

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