Flowers bring you….a Great Rose!

Rosé and sparkling wine share some things in common, one of which is their social nature.

Think about it. When was the last time you opened a bottle of sparkling wine just for yourself? Similarly, when was the last time you drank rosé alone? Maybe we did, a little more than usual, during the unusual circumstances of COVID. Fair enough. But now that meeting up with friends is becoming safer and more acceptable again, we can also start to embrace rosé’s more social nature with open arms.

The Diversity, and the Respect, of Rosé

Not so long ago, rosé fought for respect among consumers and critics alike. It used to be that you wouldn’t undertake a “study” of rosé the way you would undertake a serious consideration of pinot noir, for example, or chardonnay. Those days, happily, are in the rear view mirror as a more serious (and even rigorous) consideration of rosé has emerged, both in terms of winemaker attention and consumer appreciation.

As a toast to rosé season, why not consider tasting through a selection and talking about the differences with friends? Line up a few bottles of rosé from, say, northern Italy next to a few from southern Italy, and notice obvious differences, like intensity or depth of color. Then do a little research about the grapes that are responsible for the fluctuations, beginning with color then moving onto aromas and flavor profiles as well.

Melis Family 2021 Rosé of Pinot Noir by Paul Lato
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The Melis 2021 Rosé is not an afterthought, but a serious contender. The new Melis Rosé of Pinot Noir (a blend of 2 great Santa Rita Hills vineyards) offers up ample and layered fruit on both nose and palate. On the nose, you’ll encounter crushed flowers, cranberry, and bright red cherry notes which continue on the pleasant palate laced with a touch of bright acidity champagne like. The wine is nicely polished and finishing gorgeously (my winemaker, Paul Lato would not have it any other way). A crowd-pleasing limited production Rosé!! 

Notes by Paul Lato: “Delightfully pink in color, this lively and vivacious Rosé opens with aromas of lilac, cranberry, and pomegranate. Dry on the palate with champagne-like acidity, it exhibits a unique balance of grapefruit zest, light spice, and a smooth raspberry finish. Rosé of Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile food wines. It pairs well with a variety of vegetarian dishes, as well as pasta, chicken, and fresh Californian cuisine. This is a great wine for celebrations like birthdays, weddings, sipping on a nice Spring or Summer day, and especially on the Fourth of July.”

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