Walter Hansel = Value / Quality in a bottle


Walter Hansel has been synonymous with great quality at a great price!  Year after year these wines impress me and my clientele alike. The first vines were planted in 1978 just up the block from Kistler! The first vintage produced 3 barrels of Pinot Noir and 10 barrels of Chardonnay, and the rest as they say, is history! Stephen Hansel (Walter’s son) had one of the best winemakers as his tutor (Tom Rochiolli) so it is no surprise that they are still putting out great wines decades later. Year after year this winery produces amazing “Dollar Cost Average” under priced over delivered in quality wines!

Walter Hansel winery might also be one of the most consistent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir producers in California year in, year out!

Here is a selection of his current and highly rated inventory 
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Walter Hansel 2019 Chardonnay Cahill Lane Russian River Valley 95 Points
Walter Hansel 2019 Chardonnay Cuvee Alyce Russian River Valley – 95 Points
Walter Hansel 2019 Chardonnay “The Meadows” Russian River Valley 94 Points
Walter Hansel 2019 Chardonnay Estate Russian River Valley 93 Points
Walter Hansel 2019 Estate Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
Walter Hansel 2019 Pinot Noir North Slope Russian River Valley

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