50 Vintages and he’s not slowing down, yet!

Veteran winemaker Ric Forman, who is celebrated his 50th vintage last year, has just turned out one of his riper and richer Chardonnays in memory, but who is complaining?

Forman 2017 Chardonnay, Napa Valley
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The 2017 Chardonnay is a gorgeous wine. In this warm, early harvest year, the Forman Chardonnay is a bit more tropical and racy than it usually is, but that just makes it easier to drink and enjoy over the next handful of years. Lemon peel, apple, apricot and mint are all generous in the glass, but there is a terrific sense of plushness that runs through the Chardonnay.

Ric Forman Notes: “While I always like to see young white wine with some yellow background, it should be accompanied by a good greenish tinge. Fresh and somewhat exotic fruit aromas blend beautifully with the more earthy lees and barrel scents. It is complex and powerful while also lively and fresh. The palate echoes the aromatic style. Cool mouthwatering tart fruit flavors balance some of the strength. Such lovely harmony ensures that some cellaring will soften and round out this already deliciously beautiful wine. This is classic Forman Chardonnay; a tradition now for 25 years.” 

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