Message in a bottle… Spells… VALUE

Bibiana González Rave is the founder and winemaker of Cattleya Wines. She is also the wife of star winemaker Jeff Pisoni.  Born and raised in Colombia and trained as a winemaker in France, she moved to California in 2007 to settle into making extraordinary wines. In her words: “Since my early teenage years, my dream has been to make wine. At a very young age I was fortunate enough to begin learning how to make wine in France. I trained myself while working with some amazing winemakers who showed me the importance of loving the land, how to respect the farming itself, and to focus on the many details that go into making each drop of wine in each and every bottle.”  She also made the wines at Pahlmeyer,  and produces “Shared Notes” wines with husband Jeff Pisoni.  All those ingredients together and you have one of the best winemakers in the country!

Alma de Cattleya Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma County
GGWC 24.99
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Tasting Notes: Medium intensity, light yellow with a greenish hue.  Complex nose of kiwi and guava with wet stone and gun powder after tones. A touch of champagne-like yeastiness finishing with nuances of exotic tropical fruit. Pure and intense on the pallet with a little flinty touch. Fully dry with a medium body. Diamond-like purity and intensity. The finish is zesty and full of minerals. 

Winemaker’s  Notes:  Bursting with notes of ripe melon, Key lime, and grapefruit, this wine is bright, refreshingly crisp, possesses ample texture, and begs for a second glass.

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