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An “Explosive” Sauvignon Blanc

Lieu-dit is a French term for a small geographical area bearing a traditional name. The name usually refers to some characteristic of the place, its former use, a past event, etc. In winemaking circles, a lieu-dit has come to mean the smallest piece of land which has a traditional vineyard name assigned to it and […]

Another Spottswoode (100 points?) Gem

“We approach the creation of our Sauvignon Blanc with the aim of crafting a wine that is as structured and cerebral as it is dynamic and tantalizing for the senses. This is an incredibly high bar for this noble grape, to which we give the greatest respect. To achieve this goal, our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc […]

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Sauvignon of the year by Scarecrow winemaker… A must have!

Celia has earned many great accolades as the winemaker of Scarecrow, Corra, Rewa, Castiel, Keever and many other wineries.  This latest Sauvignon Blanc, the Keever 2018 vintage is probably the best to come from this estate ever.  Unfortunately a very small production! The fruit for this Sauvignon Blanc was grown both on the Keever Estate […]

Virbrant Napa Sauv Blanc, just in time for Easter or Passover!

Scarlett Wines is a family operation owned by the McGah family, who are most notably known for co-founding the Oakland Raiders. Representing over four generations of wine growers, the family’s personal touch can be felt from the soil to the glass. The winery previously operated under the name McGah Family Cellars and rebranded in 2015 […]

Sauvignon Blanc of the Year!

Celia Welch does not need an intro, but in case you wouldn’t know who she is – She’s the brainchild (i.e. the amazing winemaker) behind the following highly rated and highly regarded wineries:   Corra, Barbour,  Keever, 2480, Kelly Fleming, Bucella, etc.).  For the past couple of years she’s been involved with a new project called Yount Ridge.  The […]

Enticing Russian River “White Bordeaux”

“Les pierres qui décident” ~The rocks that decide~ Shared Notes is the winemaking joint-venture between wife and husband, Bibiana Gonzalez Rave (Pahlmeyer, Wayfarer winemaker) and Jeff Pisoni (Pisoni, Lucia winemaker). Both had early desires of making wine, and spent most of their lives doing so. The year 2012, however, marked the first vintage that they […]


Celia Welch can easily be voted as one of the best winemakers in the world. That said, give this lady some of the best fruit and you have some of the best wine in the world. The 2017 Rewa Sauvignon Blanc (Inaugural release) is flat out stunning! Remarkable, a MUST HAVE! Very limited production wine. […]

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98 Point under $40.00 White

A family one acre site, Halleck Vineyard is perched above the Russian River watershed and flanked on the west by the slopes to the Pacific Ocean. It commands an expansive view of rolling Sonoma County. Winning # 1 Pinot in the US in 2003 put them on the map, but it hasn’t stopped there.  They source from […]


VARIETAL FOCUS: SAUVIGNON BLANC BY RANDY CAPAROSO. Sauvignon blanc: (a.k.a. Sauvignon, Fumé blanc)   so • vin • yon  blahnk At the Lake County Sauvignon Blanc Experience event in May, the famous French ampelographer Jean-Michel Boursiquot explained that the name is derived from the French word sauvage; in reference to the grape’s tendency to grow wild or “untamed,” putting out a […]

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100 Point Vineyard Manager’s White

As the 6th generation farmer of his family’s Napa Valley ranch, Matt Hardin has a natural appreciation of the exceptional place that is the Napa Valley. Matt manages his full-time work as vineyard manager and partner in Barbour Vineyards with his commitment to managing the family ranch. In his time with Barbour Vineyards, Matt has […]