Corona Virus Note to our clients – WINE SALE

Dear Friends,
We are all confused and concerned about what is yet to come with the Corona Virus outbreak.

My wife is teaching her University students online from our home, both of my daughters are getting their High School curriculum online as well. The restaurants are empty, the stores are too. No traffic on the streets of San Francisco, as all the schools, universities are closed.

We need to continue to support the local economy, as everyone depends on it, and so do I.
If you don’t want to come to my store, we can always ship it to you –  as you know!

Health experts recommend staying home while the current public health crisis is resolved. At Golden Gate Wine Cellars we believe in following those guidelines plus adding a great bottle of WINE!!

The best time to replenish your cellar is NOW! And, We’ll have it delivered right to your door!

Quarantining with loved ones and a great bottle of wine might prove to be the best way and remedy to remain strong and in good health! 

Friday the 13th is NOT a bad day as they say, as a matter a fact I got married on a Friday the 13th, and here I am 20 years later, still very happily married, and still sleeping in the same bed even!  So please take advantage of our sale – ALL wines are 13% OFF – don’t miss out on selecting some great wines at a DISCOUNT!!  Go to my site and use code FRIDAY13 during checkout or call/email me at 415.337.4083 – with your order.

Finally, my thoughts are with all of you, my fellow Americans, wine lovers, and the world at large, as we stave off and overcome this pandemic. So, please, stay safe, be patient and enjoy some outstanding wines.

Using the FRIDAY13 code will give you 13% OFF ALL of our wines today only!

Remember… It’s not hoarding if it’s wine!