Wine, It Really “Can”!

You might know that I had many concussions playing soccer, and when you read this you will think Frank really lost his mind. But you will not be believe it, it is  something you might want to laugh about… Wine in a can.  But please don’t, it is a real and considerate wine project!

This is not some “cheap, ersatz” grocery store, corner liquor store product.  The guys at West & Wilder are very serious about this venture!

West & Wilder Proprietary White Blend
GGWC 22.00 net
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The “White” is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Vigonier, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and a whiff of Muscat.  Low alchol (12.5%).

Quality: Beautiful and delicious, refreshing and uplifting wines that make you smile. West & Wilder craft great wines through their long term & insider relationships.

Convenience: Removing the mystery from when or how to enjoy with a conveniently sized and fresh package. Enjoy now. It’s that easy.

Responsibility: The sustainable and recyclable solution, cans are simply the best and safest way to carry your wine. Over 33% more efficient than bottles.

It is not Chateau Margaux, but a fun and well-made “party, July 4th, back yard BBQ, or just sipping on the porch” white wine!  It comes packaged in 3 x 250ml cans (equivalent to 1 bottle = 750ml).  Give it a try, you will be happily surprised.

We sell it (ideally) in the equivalent of 1 case (9 Liter),   12 packages of 3 cans each. This will make for great July 4th party tasting!

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