The BEST Sauvignon Blanc in California


Last week my tasting group conducted our first “blind” Sauvignon Blanc tasting in a long time.
The lineup included:

  • Arkenstone “Estate” (95 Pt)
  • Paul Lato (94 Pt)
  • Merry Edwards (93 Pt)
  • Vineyard 29 (95 Pt)
  • Crocker & Starr (93 Pt)
  • Lieu Dit (93 Pt)
  • Peter Michael (94 Pt)
  • Bevan (94 Pt)
  • Morlet (93 Pt)
  • Lail (93 Pt)
  • Arietta (92 Pt)
  • Dragonette “Grassini”


Dragonette prevailed with 6 first place votes in our group of 12 tasters wind up with, ahead of Arkenstone and Vineyard 29 (they each 3 first place votes) – Dragonette also received 3 Second and 2 Third place votes – so a WINNER!

Dragonette 2014 Sauvignon Blanc “Grassini” Santa Barbara 
Retail 50.00 – GGWC 44.99
Use code DRAGONETTE during checkou

The Vineyard: Grassini is an exceptional vineyard located in Santa Barbara, upon small hills and river benches of well drained, super fine clay loam soils and serpentinite. The vineyard is meticulously managed and farmed.

The Wine: Complex kaleidoscopic aromas and flavors. On both nose and palate you’ll encounter peach, honeydew, kiwi fruit, granny smith apple, pineapple and fresh coconut, to stony mineral notes of granite, graphite, and a touch of sea shell, to fresh herbs (thyme, basil) and spices (nutmeg, clove). This is a well-balanced wine that will please many “RED” wine drinkers alike! Extremely limited. Only 250 cases produced.

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