Surprising Foods which have more Calories than a Glass of Champagne!

Just how many calories are in a glass of Champagne? Well, it is very hard to give an exact answer as there are many varieties of Champagne and there are many sizes of glasses! I would say that the average sized glass of champagne would be around 85 calories, so let us take a look at some everyday foods that actually have more calories than the glass in your hand that you are about to enjoy:

Banana – A medium sized banana will have an average of 115 calories.
Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt – A typical 100g serving will have 100 calories.
Baked Potato – A  4oz sized potato will average around 161 calories.
Honey – Two tablespoons will cost you 128  calories.
Plain Fairy Cake –  An average sized fairy cake (minus that icing!) will be 90 calories.
Buttercream Icing – Because you can’t have the cake without the icing! So go ahead and add 200 calories!
Coca-Cola – There are 150 calories in a can of Classic Coca-Cola
Rasher of Bacon – 117 calories is what you are in for if you go for a slice of bacon.
White Rice – A cup of white rice will cost you 206 calories.
Gin and Tonic – A glass of gin and tonic will average around 200 calories.
Olive Oil – A tablespoon will have 119 calories.
Orange Juice – There will be 111 calories in a cup of orange juice.
Packet of Potato Chips – Your average packet of ready salted chips will have around 130 calories per 1oz serving.

(All calorie counts above are averages and should not be used as part of a calorie controlled diet!)

So now that you know just how healthy champagne really is, here are a few bubbly suggestions that you easily enjoy without getting a panic attack!

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