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Getting to the Root of Terroir

The T-Word – By Fred Swan Terroir is a construct, a catch-all for the elements of a place that lead its wines to smell, taste, and feel a certain way. In some cases, the personality of a site’s wines is very consistent, allowing experts to identify it routinely in blind tastings. But the possibility […]

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Drinking Red Wine will keep you looking you!

  Drinking Red Wine will keep you looking you! Researchers Discover Possible Key to Rejuvenating Aging Cells by Kenny Walter In what could be breakthrough research on human aging, researchers have found a way to rejuvenate inactive senescent cells.Scientists from the University of Exeter have discovered a new  treatment which, within hours, caused older cells to […]

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The Nose Knows…

The nose knows By Allen Balik Napa Valley Register From the very early days of my vinous adventure, I realized wine was expressive of all five senses. Our first impression is visual where we can appreciate a wine’s color, clarity and density as it is poured into the glass. We then take a sniff to […]

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Why red wine drinkers may have the best sex!

Why red wine drinkers may have the best sex, according to science by Kristin Salaky Studies show that red wine may be the only type of alcohol that can improve sex. It can increase testosterone levels and lower the chances of an instance of sexual dysfunctions. But the key is to drink it in moderation. […]

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A decade in retrospect, the 2007 Vintage from Frank’s Cellar

On Saturday, March 11, we tasted 10 wines from the 2007 vintage and shared them with a crowd of about about 35-40 guest in our tasting room. The 2007 vintage lineup included the following: Ramey “Hudson vineyard” Chardonnay, Carneros Walter Hansel “Cahill Lane” Chardonnay, Russian River Valley Lioco “Carneros” Pinot Noir Paul Lato “Sine Cera” […]

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Phenolics in Wine

“It’s Greek to me!” You might hear winemakers talk about phenolics and to the general wine drinking population, they might as well be speaking Greek. But a little knowledge can a long way towards your general understanding of why wine looks and taste the way it does, as well as make you stand apart from […]

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100 Years of Napa Valley Winemaking History 1917-2017

In 1917, the United States was two years away from passing the Volstead Act, known as Prohibition. It was the law of the land until the 18th Amendment rescinded it in 1932. While the law made exceptions for sacramental wine, allowing for personal production of up to 200 gallons a year, all but 100 of […]

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The 411 on Phylloxera

Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Phylloxera” Grapevines, like all living things, are subject to disease and other pests. One of the most problematic for vineyards, as the world discovered in the 19th century, is phylloxera. Phylloxera is a sap sucking microscopic louse that is originally from the northeastern states. After years of exposure, the native grape species became resistant […]

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Scientists Uncover More Information About Resveratrol’s Anti-inflammatory Properties

Resveratrol helps wine grapes protect themselves. It also holds medical promise. From fighting depression to curing cancer, the potential of resveratrol seems sky-high, spurring both excitement and skepticism. Much of the scientific research surrounding the polyphenolic compound, found in grape skins and red wine, has focused on its ability to relieve inflammation. But how it […]

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Surprising Foods which have more Calories than a Glass of Champagne!

Just how many calories are in a glass of Champagne? Well, it is very hard to give an exact answer as there are many varieties of Champagne and there are many sizes of glasses! I would say that the average sized glass of champagne would be around 85 calories, so let us take a look […]