Yannick Rousseau was born in the Gascony region in the South-West of France known for its ‘French paradox’ of delicious, rich food, daily wine consumption and impressive longevity of the inhabitants. His life-long journey in wine and food started when he was 5 years old and drank his first glass of homemade wine with Pépé (his grandpa). Pépé hunted his own food, made his own wine, and was an artisan butcher. Every day, Yannick lived the simple life where his family took the time to enjoy their food, wines and the company of family and friends.

High a top Mt Veeder in the Napa Valley you’ll cross into Sonoma.  The appellation might change, but the soil and quality does not.  It is mountain grown, high-quality “stuff” – right by sources like O’Shaughnnesy, etc.  In the late 1800’s this area was known as the Cavedale Resort, a mineral hot spring, which was surrounded by farms – not too many trucks around in 1880 to drive from the valley with produce for the resort guests!  The resort closed in the early 1900’s and the area eventually became prime vineyard land!

Rousseau 2013 Merlot Cavedale Vineyard.  “Pepe” Moon Mountain
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This is a textbook wine.  Dazzling aromatics of black fruits and chocolate that are firm, ripe and expressive jump out of the glass. Grown on the western slopes of Mt. Veeder, this amazing MERLOT shows of and the color is a real indicator (dark purple hue).  Stunning and elegant on the mid-palate, this wine is loaded with nicely balanced red and black cherries, plum and a touch of roasted meat and black pepper. This wine rolls over the palate like a ballerina doing an arabesque.  The finish is long and flavorful.  Only 5 barrels (120 cases)

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