Black Cordon Vineyards approaches winemaking with the intention of making wine that is intense and complex with a distinct character that faithfully represents where the grapes have been grown. Attention to detail and hands-on attention to every barrel of wine is what it takes to pull this off. With Paul Hobbs as your Winemaker, the wines show the pedigree, character, quality and complexity associated with all of Paul’s projects.

Black Cordon 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 
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The nose at first is subtle and closed, but in the glass it begins to show its hidden layers. The overall impression of high extraction and serious structure carries aromas of deep, black, brooding plum, black cherry, black currant and dried blueberry. The dark nose is accentuated by slightly vanilla-laced cool menthol. Looking deeper you find cedar-tinged accents and a slight fennel earth aroma that melds into dark mocha. Ethereal wisps of lavender and sage are found as the wine begins to open. The first sip gets your attention with its thick, fat, round, generous and dense mouthful of black fruits encapsulated in accents of anise. These flavors then crescendo to a plateau of full, structured, ripe, silty tannins that are wonderfully balanced and packed with layers of spicy black cherry and blackcurrant that have a stimulating interplay with creamy, dark licorice. The acidity and sweet dark chocolate oak nuances that are noticeable in the ever-expanding middle are so beautifully balanced that they almost go unnoticed. The finish is long; very, very long. Velvety plushness that is so expansive, lingering and haunting makes not having any wine in your mouth almost preferable. There is a lot going on here now, and there will be even more showing up every few months… I see this well-endowed wine as a young temptress in a corset, giving glimpses of beauty now, but nothing compared to what will later be revealed.

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