Exquisite Napa White under $24

Kenefick Ranch Vineyards is owned by retired San Francisco neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas P. Kenefick, and his two children Caitlin and Chris Kenefick. In 1978 Dr. Kenefick acquired a 125-acre vineyard property next door to the Eisele Estate (Araujo). This vineyard was head pruned and dry farmed with old Italian varietals. Over the next 20 years these were replaced with Bordeaux varietals on vertical shoot positioning and drip irrigating for higher quality grapes. 95% of the grapes are sold to various wineries and only small quantities are produced from the estate.
Kenefick Ranch 2013 “Estate” Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
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One of the most remarkable Sauvignon Blancs I have tasted the past couple of years. The wine is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish.  Stunning aromas of honeysuckle, bright orchard fruit, white flowers and a touch of spice jump out of the glass.  The wine is amazingly intense  with terrific acidity and bright fruit offered up in a great body that is rich, yet extremely well-balanced.  Stunning mouthfeel and a lengthy finish make for a picture perfect SB!
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