A Chardonnay that Rocks

Situated in a small valley in the southern foothills of the Stag’s Leap Range, the estate began producing wine in the 1870’s. The Vandendriessche family has continued in the tradition of natural sustainable farming since 1977. Volcanic ash soils, hillside vines, cooler climate, and hand crafting on the land as well as in the caves make these wines complex and concentrated, with mineral characteristics, expressing the earth itself. The first commercial vintage was the 1986 Claret, I have been buying the wine since the 1987 vintage was released in 1990!  The first Chardonnays date back to the early 1990’s as well.  Christopher Vandendriesche is the winemaker (he also makes Hudson Chardonnay alongside John Kongsgaard!)

White Rock 2012 Chardonnay
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This might be the best Chardonnay White Rock has ever produced.  This wine is rich, and packed with flavors. The aromas hit you immediately when opening a bottle. Ripe pear, lime and citrus blossom jump out of the glass.  This is a full-bodied wine, that is elegant, soft and round with a gorgeous palette of Meyer lemon, bight apple, a touch of vanilla and amazing purity.  Well-balanced acidity and fruit ratios from start to finish, with hints of tropical fruit, white currants develop on the palate.  The wine is lush and the acidity is bright and well-integrated, promising excellent ageabilility.

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