Killer 2 barrel Pinot Noir production

A small winery but an amazing wine!  The name is a combination of the vineyard owners (a.k.a mom and dad) Nancy KIVELson and Tom AngSTADT.  An all estate property producing some great (mostly) Rhone wines and a small amount of Estate grown Pinot Noir.  Too bad the production of the Pinot Noir is still very limited, but it is well worth jumping on now.  The production will gradually grow to a whopping 100 cases!

Kivelstadt 2012 Pinot Noir “Sibling Rivalry” Estate Sonoma
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OK to mix and match with Kivelstadt Syrah

Only 42 cases were produced of this amazingly well-crafted Estate grown Pinot Noir.  Organically grown 100% Pommard Clone, for those who are fans of Red Burgundies.  The aromas of fresh cut flower, black raspberries and Bing Cherries jump out of the glass.  This well-crafted Estate-grown youngster is rich and full in body but amazingly structured. Finesse and elegance roll over the palate into a long flavorful finish.  Too bad the production is so small, and I have only 5 cases allocated to me.


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