Small Pinot Real Head Turner

What happens when a med student changes her mind…. she becomes a winemaker.  That is truly what happened!  Kerith and Brian had just graduated from Cornell when they decided to take a trip to Napa.  They picked up some bottles of wine and food and set out for a picnic.   Somehow the picnic became nap time and … right then it happened – a guy in a bathrobe and slippers sauntered by.  They tried to ignore him as best as possible, but pretty soon similarly clad gentlemen were cruising by and around them, like they were living a scene out of The Twilight Zone.  They quickly packed up their picnic and climbed back in the car.  As they drove away, they noticed the sign that they had missed on our way in: Napa State Hospital – Department of Mental Health –  TRUE STORY. But it is here that their affair of the vine began in earnest.

Bruliam 2012 Gap’s Crown Pinot Noir
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As you know the 2012 will go down in history as the “perfect growing season.  The wine is deep ruby in the glass, and features black cherry and raspberry aromas that are overlaid with nutmeg and spice and subtle hints of cedar and sweet tobacco round out the seductive aromatics.  On the palate this gorgeous Pinot Noir offers flavors of cherry pie with lively acidity bursting in your mouth and through the long finish. The 2012 has more grip and texture than 2011, with enough tannin and vibrant acidity to weather cellar age.

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