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Stuart Bewley grew up in California’s central valley, where hard work and farming were a part of life. But his name will be forever tied to the beverage that embodied The Beach.  While in their twenties, Stuart and his high school friend Michael Crete experimented with mixing wine and fruit juices. They ended up inventing the wine cooler, and the iconic California Cooler brand. Within four years they went from selling cases out of the back of a pickup truck to a multi-million dollar business.

When Stuart was in his early thirties, they sold California Cooler and he moved on to a new challenge. Going back to his farming roots, he immersed himself in the study of viticulture. His seven year search for the perfect site ended with Alder Springs ranch.

He bought Alder Springs ranch and broke ground in 1993, planting his first vineyard block. Today, Stuart meticulously thins his grapes with a “bonsai” method. While his yield-per-acre is significantly below the industry average, the resulting quality of the grapes is of the finest in California.   Alder Springs has been the source for some of the most sought after wines in the industry (Sojourn, Patz & Hall, Arnot Roberts, Pax, Behrens Hitchcock, Relic, Siduri, Copain, Kesner, etc.)

Alder Springs 2011 “Row Five” Chardonnay
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Even those who normally don’t like Chardonnay may find themselves falling for this one. Meticulously crafted, the Row Five Chardonnay is the entertaining and friendly type. Alder Springs balanced this gorgeous Chardonnay in order to pair better with food. It’s a harmonious integration of fruit flavors, acidity, butter, and oak, yet not too much of any one component. Nothing is out of place. You could describe this wine as if it were a good party host: it doesn’t take over the conversation and overwhelm its dinner companions, but rather orchestrates the meal by bringing everything together. Pairs especially well with Crab, lobster, chicken, oyster, tarragon, cream, and butter

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