The details on temperature controlled shipping

Beginning July 20  we will be offering temperature controlled shipping via UPS!  A blessing for those who want to have their wines arrive in good condition during the hot summer months.

This service is ground via temperature controlled/refrigerated containers – (UPS rail). I have monitored the shipments for some weeks during UPS’ trial runs and the wine arrives in very good condition!

There will be a nominal, flat surcharge of $8 to $12 on each shipment.  We will still offer the FREE ground shipping for orders of $500.00 or more, but if you request refrigerated shipping, there will be a surcharge for this additional service.

Hawaii and Alaska shipments can only be shipped 1 or 2 day AIR as no other service is available. Again, we still store wines at no charge and will gladly ship AIR if you desire to do so. In either case, we will deduct the cost of FREE ground shipping from the air freight  charge for orders exceeding $500.00.

UPS has divided the US into four regions, alternating this shipping program between them once a week. For example, the week of July 20 it will cover the NY region which includes NH, etc.  The other regions are Jacksonville (FL) July 27, Chicago (IL) on August 3 and Dallas (TX) on August 10 rotating back to NY, FL, IL and TX.

Unfortunately, some states are not a part of UPS’ temperature shipping program. Most states are, but depending on where you live, it is possible that you might not be able to benefit from this program. – Contact your congressional representative and voice your opinion regarding bill HR1161 – what Congress calls the CARE Act of 2011, (Community Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act) more an “act” that prevents you the consumer to buy the wines you like from people like us to “protect” the local wholesaler – who does NOT stock these hard-to-find wines to begin with… sorry I got carried away.

This can all be a little confusing, so as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Your humbled Wine Servant,
Frank Melis