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The details on temperature controlled shipping

Beginning July 20  we will be offering temperature controlled shipping via UPS!  A blessing for those who want to have their wines arrive in good condition during the hot summer months. This service is ground via temperature controlled/refrigerated containers – (UPS rail). I have monitored the shipments for some weeks during UPS’ trial runs and […]

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Meeting with Congress

I will be meeting with members of Congress on May 31st in Washington DC to discuss the issue of HR1161 and your support will be extremely helpful. Just a reminder. Please send me an email with your FULL NAME and MAILING ADDRESS voicing your opposition to HR1161. This onerous piece of legislation could potentially make […]

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HB1161 – A Threat to Wineries and Wine Retailers

Dear Wine Friends: I’m sure many of you heard about the HR 1161 bill currently circulating in congress.  This bill is unofficially known as the Wholesaler Protection Act, which seeks to limit shipment of wine (and beer and spirits) and will undermine the free-market system.  I oppose the bill and hope that you would reach […]

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