Holiday Wine Tasting Recap

The holiday tasting was yet another great success, and my apologies for those who I had to turn away – it helps to make those RSVP’s ASAP!

Our line-up was amazing, and the crowd was excited to meet many star-studded winery owners and representatives. I need to acknowledge all of them – Alondra, Arbe Garbe, Bella, Buccio, Clos de la Briderie, Coho, DuMol, Dunn, Field Recordings, Five Russians, Fisticuffs, Gain Bay, Hoopes, Hoopla, Inherit the Sheep, Monthuys, O’Dwyer, Paloma, Ramian, Sans Liege, Sierra Madre, Solitude, Stephane Coquileette and Talisman.

The wines were showing beautifully, and of course there were some that were the “Wine-of-the-Tasting.” In the Cabernet section, Coho Headwaters and Inherit the Sheep were tops, and the “value-priced” Gain Bay did nicely! The Coho and Paloma Merlots were very well liked as well. Buccio Chardonnay in the “economy” category, Solitude in the “mid-priced” category and DuMol in the “upper-echelon” category were the fan favorites. In the “Rhone varietal” category, Sans Liege “The Offering” was the go-to wine (I am almost sold out now, due to the tasting), as was DuMol’s Syrah. On the Pinot front Talisman “Gunsalus” went over very well. Both Champagnes, Monthuys and Stephane Coquilette, made lots of friends and many orders. The surprise of the night was the two Arbe Garbe white wines – The Arbe Garbe “White blend” and their Ribolla Gialla were both stunners.

The crowd was great, the wines were great – and again, to those who did not make it, you missed out. It was an amazing evening. Our next big tasting event, the Valentines Day Tasting, will be held on February 12 – don’t wait too long to RSVP!

It is still not too late to ship in time for the Holidays, so send in your last-minute Holiday orders as soon as possible! For those shipping to the “cold” areas, we will need to ship only by 1 and 2 day AIR to avoid freezing in transit!

Thank you again for a wonderful year and Happy Holidays.