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The Nose Knows…

The nose knows By Allen Balik Napa Valley Register From the very early days of my vinous adventure, I realized wine was expressive of all five senses. Our first impression is visual where we can appreciate a wine’s color, clarity and density as it is poured into the glass. We then take a sniff to […]

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The next Kistler at 1/3 the price!

Two brothers longing to make a great wine.  When your family is in the industry (Joe Briggs) the bug did not take long to catch on and 2006 was their first release.  So with 6 vintages under their belt you can speak of some experience.  I would  go a step farther, I found gold, the […]

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The Wolf is a Nice Guy After All!

Karen Culler has crafted yet again two amazing wines from this stunning estate. I taste a good 2000 wines each year, and both of these ended up on my Top ten list for 2010! The production of both these puppies is very limited, so I highly recommend that you jump on this offer now. Wolf […]