Arbe Garbe (pron. Arbay Garbay), literally “bad weeds”, is what they call the cover crops on the Friulian Colli Orientali (“eastern hills”). It’s the mid-nineties, same scenery; two philosophy students are paying for tuition by picking grapes in the Jermann vineyards. Long hours of hard work and dream-sharing, they find one too many ideas in common. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Kerouac, whispering incessantly in the back of their minds, they lift their deep roots and go. He picks up his guitar and she takes nothing but a flower in her hair and love in her eyes, and they come to California.  Those days are long gone, but they still have deep roots and their dreams. Never ceasing to work hard and with passion, they have eventually reconnected to their native culture through the winemaking tradition. All that they have seen and felt and envisioned they expressed in every step of the process that brings this wine to life. They’ve always been enamored with the big Friulian white blends, and wanted to pay homage to their heroes and their dreamy creations. With the same hedonistic approach, they have created an ever-changing blend that embraces the melting pot they’re in and love, California, and the one they’ve left behind.

Arbe Garbe 2021 Proprietary White, Russian River Valley
Retail 39.99 – GGWC 34.99

The Arbe Garbe White Blend (85% Malvasia and 15% Chardonnay) is absolutely gorgeous. The wine is medium to full in body, offering bright, floral aromatics that lead to apricot, lemon confit, jasmine, and mint. Beautifully perfumed throughout, the wine shows a compelling interplay of exotic fruit, lifted aromatics, and pliant texture. Not surprisingly, it has much in common with the white blends of Friuli. The fruit was sourced from one venerable vineyard (Catie’s Corner).  This latest Arbe Garbe White is all class.

The White Wine from Arbe Garbe is an unusual, but fabulous, blend of 85% Malvasia and 15% Chardonnay which winemaker Enrico Bertoz calls “the Holy Trinity of Friuli,” where he was raised. The Malvasia is split into portions, with one whole-cluster pressed portion, a second portion on the skins for 12 hours, and the third on the skins for 24 hours. These lots are then blind-tasted to create the final blend. The nose explodes with musk, lychee, warm peaches, charcuterie, and beeswax with high-toned notes of fresh green herbs. The medium to full-bodied palate has a gorgeous silken texture, ever-so-slightly creamy, with kaleidoscopic bursts of ripe fruit in the mouth. It’s concentrated while still incredibly light on its feet, addicting in its freshness and long, textured finish. What a gorgeous vintage for this wine!

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