Melis Family 2021 Cabernet “Blending Day”

Melis Family 2021 Cabernet “Blending Day”
Last week, we finalized our 2021 Melis Family Cabernet Sauvignon “blend”. I’m very excited, as the wine is truly amazing, even if I do say so myself. It will stay in the barrel for another month to six weeks, before we bottle in late June, early July, then we will give it about 4-6 months bottle “aging” before we release it later this year.  

I also tasted our 2022 out of the barrel, and can tell you that it’s another exciting wine in the making!

A few  barrels of 2021 Melis Family Cabernet 
Inside the winery lab 
Our enologist Patrick Saboe
A peek at some of our various blending notes….
The 2021 Melis Family Cabernet, will not be available until this fall, but we do have a small amount of other Melis Family wines available at this time.

Melis Family 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon, Rutherford Napa Valley (only a few cases remaining)
Melis Family 2021 Rose of Pinot (by Paul Lato) Santa Rita Hills (only a few cases remaining)
Paul Lato 2021 new releases (going very fast)

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