LAST CALL 4 Lacuna by Morgan Twain Peterson (Bedrock winemaker)

Everyone’s dream is to make great wine. That said, when these two friends created Lacuna and set out to do so, they had one problem – they had no winemaker! When they hooked up with ace winemaker Morgan Twain Peterson (Bedrock) their problem was solved and their 10-year dream came to fruition. This is the seventh release and it has created a great following among many of our clients. I’d be surprised not to see another high (95 points) rating, as this is on par with the Bedrock wines that have garnered 95-100 Point ratings regularly!

Lacuna 2019 Syrah, Sonoma Valley
GGWC 39.99
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I am proud to introduce another release of Lacuna. This 200 case production was sourced from several revered vineyards in Northern California. Morgan Twain Peterson blended  90% Syrah, 4% Viognier and  3% Carignan and 3% Mourvedre (co-fermented) into a synergy of amazing aromas and flavors. The wine is high-toned with savory and bold aromas of white pepper, rosemary, and black stone fruit that are nestled in the warming embrace of currant and blackberry. This wine has an amazing, lush body with bold black stone fruit flavors that linger on the palate. This wine is well-balanced, although young, shows tremendous potential. I would suggest either decanting, and let it breathe for a good 2 hours, or put it in the cellar for a year or two.ned style.“

Winery Notes: “We continue to quietly source from some of the most accomplished growers of Syrah in California. These cool sites where Syrah is neighbored by Pinot Noir, give the varietal a rare depth and complexity. For each vintage we blend small amounts of complementary varietals from Old Vines to complete the wine. These savory characters are so important to us and really shape the philosophy of our wine. Fine, lignified tannins offer a framework that keeps this vintage’s generous nature-focused and texturally balanced. Every harvest presents us with a unique set of flavors. The character of Lacuna pivots slightly to highlight the attributes of the vintage without straying from our philosophy. We are genuinely excited about the results this year and hope you enjoy them too.

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