A Cali-Rhone Sensation, and we’ll throw in the shipping!

I was excited to hear that Prophetess was one of the top wines Robert Parker has ever tasted, and I have to wholeheartedly agree! Curt Schalchlin has been crafting some of the most amazingly, well-priced, widely-praised Rhone blends for over a decade. His wines have made him (and me) many friends.  The Prophetess bottling, Curt’ smallest bottling (200 cases only), sells out within weeks of its release! So don’t procrastinate!

Sans Liege XVIII Prophetess, Santa Barbara
GGWC 49.99
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Winery Notes: “Dusty brambles encroach on the weathered stone threshold of the hut which is hidden deep in the forest. A clove scented smoke wafts through a crack in the door. Peering inside, you strain to see across the dimly lit room – the outline of an old woman sitting at the hearth comes into view. She intently stirs a brew releasing aromas bay leaf, cassis, tobacco and plum skin. A slight turn of her head makes you shrink back into the shadows, distrusting your own eyes.”

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