FREE Virtual Wine Tasting Giveaway!

Dear Friends,

We are having fun with our Weekly Virtual Wine Tasting events. If you have not yet joined us, I highly recommend you do! Every Friday at 3 PM PST we meet with a winemaker/winery owner at his/her winery and taste 3 new releases. I provide some food pairing suggestions so you can make it a real Happy Hour!

This is a chance to visit California Wine Country from the comfort of your home, while enjoying the wines, meet and taste with the winemaker – So no travel, no hotel, no car rental – JUST order a 3-PACK of wine and we deliver it to your home in time for the session(s)!  Invite your friends, family and have a Social Distance Wine Tasting. I know that some of you have organized an entire dinner around the wines, others just S.I.P.ped and munched on finger foods, but everyone has had a great time.

PLEASE CALL ME DIRECTLY at 415.337.4083 to to receive your FREE VIRTUAL WINE TASTING*!

I look forward to seeing you on one of our future sessions!

A Humbled
St. Frank,
Your Patron Saint of (soft) Tannins


Virtual Wine Tasting Schedule

CLICK HERE to place your order

*To get your free tasting, you must CALL 415-337-4083.
*The free tasting will be the one lesser total price.


VIRTUAL CALENDAR (Every Friday at 3 PM PST, we will feature 3 or 4 wines)
~ wines need to be purchased by no later than the Monday before the tasting in order to participate ~
Sept 25

Coho with owner Gary Lipp

Three new releases and one GGWC exclusive wine!
~ wines need to be purchased by no later than Sept 21 in order to participate ~

Oct 2

La SIrena with Remi and/or Heidi Barrett

~ wines need to be purchased by no later than Sept 28 in order to participate ~

Oct 9

Walter Hansel with owner/winemaker Stephen Hansel

~ wines need to be purchased by no later than Oct 5 in order to participate ~

Oct 16

Shared Notes & Cattleya with Bibiana Gonzalez Rave Pisoni and Jeff Pisoni

~ wines need to be purchased by no later than Oct 12 in order to participate ~