Dear Friends,
These are “strange” times, to say it the least.  First, a big shout out to my “First Responder, Medical, and  Law Enforcement” clients who put their lives on the line to battle this terrible disease.

I am taking care of my staff, paying them their wages while they are hunkered down at home with their families.  I come to my store very early morning and run it as a one-man operation for now (with a little help from my remote IT guy).  I field the calls, check in the deliveries, pack the orders, and arrange the curbside deliveries.  

My wife is teaching her students remotely from her university office (since she does not share it with anyone), my two daughters are taking their classes online (the new sentence is… WE ARE ZOOMING).  We hope this will come an end soon, but in the mean time we are doing our part.

Living in “earthquake” country, I have had an “earthquake kit” in my car and a large one in my garage.  That said, I realized I did not have wine in it… I changed that now.   So I highly recommend you make yourself a Survival kit and add some wine to it.  To STIMULATE this measure, I have created the following STIMULUS PLAN that was passed with 100% of the members’ approval!

  1. All orders placed this week will receive 10% OFF.  Use code STIMULUS2020 at checkout.
  2. Orders over $500 will receive FREE SHIPPING
  3. Sign up for our Wine Club – We ship 6 shipments per year of SIX bottles each.  When you pre-pay you always get a nice discount of up to $200!  Now we are not only giving you the discount when you pre-pay, we will include 1 extra shipment at no additional charge.  So that is an ADDITIONAL SAVINGS of up to $266.00
  4. Buy a gift certificate of $500 or more and receive a FREE Bottle of Wine as a gift.

If you have any issues ordering online, PLEASE CALL us at 415.337.4083 (no text here) or email

Thank you for your continued support.
A Humbled
St. Frank
Your Patron Saint of Tannins.

PS: With your help we can really celebrate our 15th Anniversary, rather than closing the doors after 15 years.  I also want to bring my employees back as soon as possible (my back does not like the heavy lifting, but I am taking one for the team – 6 days a week, 12 hours per day – and I did not write a pay check to myself this month)