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Kanzler is still a winery floating below the radar, but that will chance soon!.  As you might know Kosta Browne received Top Honors a few yeas ago WINE OF THE YEAR in the Top 100 of Wine Spectator with their Pinot Noir, and the fruit was sourced from…. You guessed it KANLZER!  That said, the Kanzler folks are not walking in the clouds after that review but have been acknowledged as one of the best growers of Pinot Noir in California.  Their latest bottling is truly amazing and a fraction the cost of Kosta Browne!

Kanzler 2017 Pinot Noir “Estate” Russian River Valley
GGWC 64.99
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The 2017 Kanzler Pinot is complex, multilayered and sure to be a crowd pleaser. It showcases classic Russian River Valley depth, texture, and lushness, while also being taunt, elegant and almost weightless on the mid-palate. The wine glides across the palate leaving bursts of fruit, spice, earth, and oak that echo into a sustained finish. Most tasting notes were taken after the bottle had been open for about 16 hours and the wine is still developing. Give the 2017s a hearty decant or open the night before enjoying. This wine is a wonderful sipper but during tasting my mind immediately goes to grilled meats cooked on an open fire, ideally on the gamey side like a leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic; or pork belly with black soy.

The wine is a blend of 70% Kanzler Estate, 22% Walker Station, 6% Mes Filles, 2% Wind Horse

Winemaker Notes: “A virtual potpourri of aromatics including strawberry and tart cranberry fruit, Darjeeling tea, red licorice, and earthy clay and mushroom notes make for a delightful nose. The wine hits the palate with classic Pinot Noir velvety texture. A burst of crisp acidity, framing plum, strawberry and rhubarb fruit sets up camp in the mid-palate and persists into a long distinctive finish with echoes of bacon, rosemary, anise, and toasty French oak. A complex and compelling wine.”

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