Why Drinking The Right Amount Of Red Wine Is Actually Good For You.

Why Drinking The Right Amount Of Red Wine
Is Actually Good For You

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Drinking red wine can actually have a lot of health benefits, studies show. Be sure to drink it in moderation, though.

We currently live in a time where it feels like everything and anything is bad for us. Yes, we know smoking and processed food are likely doing us damage, but even things we would do and eat in an attempt to be healthy are bad for us now. The sugar content of fruit, for example. We’d feel pretty good about ourselves in the past for choosing a banana over a Kit Kat. Now, not so much.

We kid, of course. We know fruit is still better for you than chocolate, regardless of a banana’s sugar content. The key to everything we do, eat, and drink is moderation. Which brings us to the topic of this article, red wine. Many of us enjoy kicking back with a glass of vino after a hard day at work, and it turns out you might be doing your body more good than bad by doing so.

An article recently published by Cosmopolitan highlighted some of the benefits of drinking a five-ounce glass of red wine every night. We must stress that if you drink more than that on a regular basis, the bad may start to outweigh the good. On to those benefits though, and believe it or not, red wine actually helps fight cavities. Your teeth might be stained purple initially, but red wine has been found to kill cavity-causing bacteria.

It’s not only your teeth it’s keeping healthy either. One of the antioxidants found in red wine is commonly associated with fighting off allergy and asthma symptoms. Even more promising is the research into red wine’s relationship with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The metabolites formed in your gut by red wine have been successfully used by scientists to prevent neurological cells from dying. Pretty cool.

Moving on. Despite alcohol consumption often being linked to depression, a 2013 study found that those who drink between two and seven glasses a week actually stand less chance of becoming depressed. And last but not least, diabetes. Extensive research into wine consumption found that those who drink it with dinner instead of water stood less chance of developing type two diabetes. We knew Jesus was on to something when he turned water into wine.