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For many, Nuts & Bolts functions as the Herman Story Gateway Drug. Each vintage delivers a Syrah of exceptional structure, body and power. Nuts & Bolts is built of the most opulent, expressive Syrah barrels in the cellar.

Herman Story 2016 Nuts & Bolts Syrah
GGWC 54.99
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Winemaker Notes: At last, the guitar is yours. Its velvet lined case contains the spirits of 1000 shows: fine Cuban Anejo rum, black cherry coke, Connecticut wrapped Gurkha Beauties, motor oil and chicory coffee. In your hands the guitar unleashes a series of riffs that rip like a 1⁄4 mile drag race on cherry tarmac. This thing destroys, like a dragon breathing fire on a California hillside. Outside the garage, a crowd has gathered, they build a funeral pyre & offer up baskets of fresh cherries as you strike one more chord & melt the iron shackles holding the maidens.

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