Historic Napa Vineyard Cabenet Release


A few weeks ago we had a retrospective tasting of the 2007 vintage, including the Colgin Herb Lamb Vineyard – an amazing wine!  Michael Trujilo is a smart guy to have a contract with this venerable Napa Valley vineyard.  Michael Trujillo has been around the Napa Valley since 1982, and started his own label Karl Lawrence in 1991. A few years ago the Karl Lawrence partnership ended, and  Michael created his “own” Trujillo label. Michael retained the most important part of the relationship, the vineyards, while his partner retained the Karl Lawrence name.  The vineyards, Herb Lamb (a longtime Colgin source), Morisoli, etc. are the integral part of Michael’s wines and have been since the inception (Karl Lawrence/Trujillo).

Trujillo 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
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Winemaker Notes: “I am very excited for our 2014 vintage wines. To me, the 2014 vintage shows the attributes of both the 2012 vintage and the 2013 vintage. – the structure of the 2012 vintage combined with the fineness of the 2013. Tasting these wines at this time, I sense all the same qualities, but can perceive the wine cocooned from the very recent bottling just 3 months ago. Today, the 2014 Trujillo Cabernet is showing a deep, rich, density in it aromatics. Notes of dark chocolate, black cherry and rich currant with a sweet vanilla spice. The flavors are big and bold with a mouth filling presence. Showing its youthfulness now and a bit shy upon opening of the bottle. But, with time, it generously opens up with expanding aromas and overflowing flavors of black cherry, black currant, then expanding within the mouth to a generous lingering and velvety finish. This 2014 Cabernet will age gracefully for many years to come and a bit more bottle aging will be well rewarding. Enjoy!”

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