Put a little SPARKLE in your life – A California Exclusive!!

The holidays are still “far” away, but they aren’t, so why not stock up on some bubbly in advance.  On that note, one should not only be drinking bubbly to celebrate a holiday, birthday or wedding. There are plenty of other dishes that one could drink a nice glass of Champagne with as well!  My wife gets upset when I buy flowers on Valentine’s Day, as they are overpriced that day (remember she is a frugal lady of Chinese heritage).  I buy flowers on a Thursday in the middle of month for no occasion, just the fact that I want to.  The same goes for bubbly.  One should celebrate every day of the year with some sparkle, so why not today!

On my trip to Europe in April I encountered some great Champagnes, and did my homework.  A friend of mine was so kind to import them, and here we are six months later…Clotilde is an homage to the first queen of France, is a Blanc de Blanc Cuvee from the Grand Cru vineyards of Michel Turgy in Les Mesnil-Sur-Oger. The steeple on the label (in the L) is a replica of the church where her relics are held at the Eglise Saint-Leu-Saint Gilles de Paris. This extremely limited release is only available in California and France.

Clotilde Brut “Grand-Cru” Champagne, France
Retail 61.00 – GGWC 57.99
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The Clotilde Grand Cru Champagne is made by Jean Michel Turgy! Sourced from Le Mesnil Sur Oger, this Blanc de Blanc is a 100% Chardonnay bottling produced from a few small parcels in this remarkable appellation. This amazing bubbly expresses all its generosity and grand delicacy with its very harmonious flowery nose, and in the mouth expresses hints of apple and honey with a nice golden color and a very seductive froth.

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