Morlet’s 87 case Cabernet Surprise



Luc Morlet has yet another accolade to his name, the new Linked 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon.  Only 87 cases of this great wine were produced. Just around the bend from Peter Michael’s stomping grounds, this new wine is poised to become a reference point for Knights Valley. Dense, mouth‐coating flavors of dark fruits, chocolate and cassis with a decadent wood flourish to the finish. If someone could have told you about something like Peter Michael Les Pavots while you could still get it, youʹd thank them, right?  Luc uses the fruit from this vineyard for his (98 point Parker rated) “Moret Mon Chevalier.”  For those not familiar with Luc Morlet, he also makes the wines for Peter Michael, Vineyard 7 & 8, Cabaud, and of course his own Morlet label.

It turns out that 13 is a pretty lucky number after all. It produced an amazing Cabernet for Linked!

Linked 2013 “Estate” Cabernet Sauvignon, Knight’s Valley 
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The 2013 Linked has all the hallmarks of a classic Cabernet!  This vintage is deep, dark, rich and powerful.  The color is dense. The opulent aromas jump out of the glass on impact.  The nose is filled with essences of black currant, cassis and a whiff of clove.  Each sip brings interwoven flavors of dark and bright fruits, with bursts of ripe, blackberry, Santa Rosa plum, blueberry and currant.  These are layered with dusky spice notes of nutmeg and pink peppercorns, with an undertone of slight minerality.  The finish is sexy, long… soft…slow! It’s a wine to fall in love with!

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