Changes are coming!


As we slide into August, I hope that your summer has been a great one so far! I am excited to tell you about a couple of changes that are coming here at Golden Gate Wine Cellars. We have had a very busy year here and have gotten a lot of great feedback from our customers that we have implemented and are rolling out this week.

Our regular newsletter has been bringing you the first notice on the best new wine releases and Frank’s tasting notes several times a week for more than ten years. It has been a long time coming, but we are freshening up the newsletter to also include informative articles and news about wine, appellations, varietals, wine makers & wine making, and the Napa Region. Be sure to look extra closely at upcoming emails for featured interviews with the best up-and-coming wine all stars, educational articles like “How, when, and why should you decant a wine”, and everything else in-between.

You will not want to miss a single edition, so be sure that you add as well as to your address book or email contacts. If you use gmail, see this informative article on how to make sure the newsletter makes it to your email inbox.

After a lot of input and consideration, we are re-vamping our wine clubs! Many of you already subscribe to our exclusive wine club that delivers a case of hand-picked wines right to your door every couple of months. However, we have heard from some customers that they would like the option of a more approachable price point, to be able to get wines more frequently, or to choose a specific style of wine that suits their tastes more closely.

With this in mind, I am pleased to introduce our “New” Wine Club, the best way to discover and sample new wines.

Every month we will ship you a selection of 3 hard-to-find, boutique producers so you can decide if you want to add any of these wines to your cellar later.   We will also include comprehensive tasting and food pairing notes. Plus, as a member of the wine club, you will receive an exclusive 10% discount on the “club wines” when you buy 6 or more bottles!

You can choose from the following Wine Clubs:

1.       The Strictly White Wine Club – 99.99
In this club you will receive 3 white selections, personally selected by Frank and his tasting panel.  Not just some boring Chardonnay, but a selection of great whites (yes, we might include a Chardonnay once in a while), such as Arbe Garbe, DuMOL Viognier, Morlet’s 99 point rated White Blend, etc.

2.       The Pinot Club – 124.99
In this club you will receive 3 Pinot Noir selections, personally selected by Frank and his tasting panel.   It doesn’t always have to be big and bold, and I personally love a good Pinot Noir.  Pinot Noirs can be served with cuisine from all four seasons, so very versatile.

3.       Frank’s Selection of the Month Club – 174.99 – 199.99
In this club you will receive 3 amazing selections of some hard-to-find boutique producers, personally selected by Frank – so no one to blame but Frank.  Because my name is attached to this club, you will not be disappointed with the wines coming your way!

4.       High Octane Wine Club – 224.99 – 249.99
In this club you will receive 3 high-end selections, hand-selected by Frank and his esteemed tasting panel.  Since many of my high-end wines sell out so fast, we wanted to give you a chance to taste some highly rated, limited produced (red) gems.

As you can see, we have a lot going on and I hope that you are as excited about these changes as I am! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new newsletters and start thinking about which wine club you would like to join! As always, don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions about any of the wines, need some advice, or just want to chat about wine.

Thanks again for your support, and “Remember to drink good wine!”