Best White of the Month!

A British couple settled in the hills of Mendocino where they found  land with schist-like Cote–Rotie soils on a windblown cool mountaintop overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which would become their “estate” vineyard.   With the assistance of Justin Smith (Saxum), Crole Meredith  & Steve Lagier (Lagier-Meredith), Mike Officer (Carlisle) and Wells Guthrie (Copain) they set out to plant what has become a much regarded Rhone-varietal vineyard.  Wells helped develop and maintain the vineyard.  Under the tutelage of the great Roar winemaker (Scott Shapley) they have put some very good quality and well-priced wines on the wine map!

Halcon 2013 Prado (White Rhone Blend) Mendocino
Retail 34.00 – GGWC 31.99
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The 2013 Halcón Prado (White Rhone Blend) is comprised  of 50% Roussanne and 50% Marsanne. The 2013 Prado is a hybrid of the two prior years – there is the honey, lychee fruit, creamy notes of the 2011 but also the crisper acids and spicy characteristics of the 2012.  On the nose you’ll encounter nectarine and pear. On the palate you are greeted by a touch of natural acidity and a whiff of minerality that is nicely laced by amazing flavors of creamy almonds and vanilla and honeysuckle.  Only 8 barrels of this “great white” were produced!

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