Portalupi 2012 Zinfandel Russian River Valley – ZIN OF THE YEAR!

Portalupi is a small family owned winery that was created by a husband and wife team in 2002.  Their goal was to create wines worthy of their Italian ancestry.  Having traversed the gamut of premium wineries I would say they succeeded in their quest and the results are some very high-quality wines, at an economically justified price level.

Portalupi 2012 “Old Vine” Zinfandel, Russian River Valley
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Double Gold Medal Winner at the 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Competition.   This Zinfandel comes from a vineyard located just off Laguna Road in the Russian River Valley. Owned and loved by the Marcucci Family, this vineyard began six generations ago. Phil Marcucci farms in the Italian tradition passed down through the generations. Always offering up consistent and solid fruit, the vineyard is a mainstay of the Portalupi portfolio. “Balance” is the word when describing the style of fruit grown on this historic property. Integrated moderate tannins coupled with cranberry/raspberry fruit are the hallmark of this wine’s pedigree. Spot-on, the wine begs for tomato sauce based pastas and classic American barbeque. Very limited production

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