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ZEITGEIST (tsyt- gaist) is a philosophical term meaning the spirit of the times. The word was coined by the German Romanticists to describe the cultural, ethical and spiritual mood of an era.

TROUSSEAU GRIS – A native of the Jura region in France,  is a true “Grey” grape and can make either white wines or slightly hued wines.  Zeitgeist’s winemaker elected to press the grapes the moment they arrived at the winery, opting for a fresh white wine style.  Pressed very lightly to avoid any bitterness, the juice is then transferred to Stainless Steel and Neutral French Oak Barrels.  This low alcohol (13%) is the must have for Spring or Summer wine sipping on the porch to the seafood dinners!

Zeitgeist 2013 Trousseau Gris, Russian River Valley

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The 2013 Zeitgeist Trousseau Gris, is unabashedly straightforward: fresh, vibrant crisp, and gorgeously balanced. Clean notes of white peach and lemon are grounded by mineral and a touch of anise. The wine hits your palate with energy and crispness, but gradually evolves into a more complex and round wine. The 2013 demonstrates the wonderful quality of Trousseau Gris to be both elegant and medium-bodied. It pairs well with a wide variety of foods; from the expected (seafood and veggies) to the less-than-expected (rib-eye, French fries and pork belly)! You will not be disappointed!!!

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