“The” Wine for a First Date

Jeff Cohn (JC Cellars) has been at it for 20+ years since he started his career at Ridge and Rosenblum.  His own label has been on fire as of late.  To lead up into the summer I wanted to introduce a fun wine – The First Date, a Roussanne and Marsanne (White Rhone varietals) blend.

JC Cellars 2011 “First Date” White Rhone Blend (Roussanne & Marsanne)
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Aromatically this wine is unlike any First Date Jeff has ever made, in the sense that it is not focused on bringing the aromatics of peach, apricots and orange blossom of Roussanne, but to intermingle with the more conservative and much deeper aromatics of the Marsanne in this wine.

This wine is a perfect combination for all types of fowl, both wild or farm raised.  Goes well with fish, shell fish or rich meats such as veal or pork.  Also enjoy this with young or slightly aged goat cheese.

Jeff Cohn says: “Seduction is the first thing I think of when I taste this wine. This is a wine that has gone through many experimental changes over the years. Always Roussanne and Marsanne. These are two of my favorite white wines. I also love Viognier and have always felt that a touch of this grape could take this wine to even a more hedonistic level. The 2011 is without a doubt the year that made me want to go to the next level. Yes the Roussanne is still fermented and aged in the Cement egg and yes we are still 30% new French oak, but this year instead of 75% Roussanne and 25% Marsanne, we brought up the Marsanne % up to 40%. I felt the seduction of the Stage Coach Marsanne was so amazing and it balanced so well with the Roussanne , I just could not resist.”

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