Hidden Gemstone

Forlorn Hope

Petit Verdot is a varietal one does not see bottled by itself very often, as it is and has been a blending grape (like Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec).  It is by far the least visible single Bordeaux varietal.  I would say because of its boldness that few wineries  want to bottle it.  I am guilty as charged, as I haven’t stocked any 100% Petit Verdot bottlings before either, so this is first for both of us.

Regarding this offering’s origins, winemaker Matthew Rorick says:

Cosmopolitan isn’t necessarily superior. Sometimes being farther from the arbiters of taste lends not only better perspective but encourages development of richer character and a more interesting personality. Consider the cohort of Gascon barons that Cyrano ran with: sneered at by their city-born peers for their country origins, they took pride in that which marked them as different. Outnumbered, they fought to the last, brazenly singing that their foes might know who laid down their lives for country and King:

“Braggers of brags, layers of bets

They are the Gascony Cadets

They scorn the scented handkerchief,

They dance no jigs or minuets.

They cook their enemies on brochettes,

Hot blood is their aperitif!”

Forlorn Hope 2007 "Gascony Cadets" Petit VerdotForlon Hope 2007 “Gascony Cadets” Petit Verdot
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The Gascony Cadets, made from 100% Petit Verdot, comports itself as you would expect of its noble namesake. It’s bucolic petit royalty from soup to nuts. Making a grand entrance with a flourish of fruit-forward finery, it proceeds to make claims of incredible braggadocio regarding its breadth of palate – and delivers on them. With tannins as firm as a Gascon’s code of honor and a subtle “Baronal” elegance swimming just below the surface, the finish holds a flash of steel and a hint of the Cadet’s aperitif.

This is a full bodied wine with amazing flavors.  The wine has an opaque hue, very intense perfumed aroma of exotic berries, a touch of anise and vanilla.  The palate is loaded, dense and lush but very well-structured.  Well-balanced fruit to acid ratio and long, but silky tannins.  This is big, bold wine that is drinking well now (decant and give it about 90 minutes), but could age gracefully in your cellar for another 10 – 12 years.

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