Stunning Old Vine Zinfandel

Limerick Lane

Limerick Lane is a thirty acre estate located in the north east corner of the Russian River Appellation just south of the town of Healdsburg.  The estate was first planted to grapes in 1910 by the Del Fava family and the original homestead where Mario Del Fava was born is where the current owner lives with his wife and three children In the mid 70’s, the estate was sold to the Collins family. Brothers Mike and Tom Collins brought incredible passion and enthusiasm to the property selling the grapes as vineyard designates to several well-known local wineries.  In 2009, Mike Collins approached sold the winery to the current owners and they immediately turned it into an even better producer.  The current vintage is just an example of what we can expect from Limerick Lane in the future.

Limerick Lane 2010 ZinfandelLimerick Lane 2010 Zinfandel
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This 2010 Zin is a wine that I would very much define as “rustic” in style. It is balanced, chewy, and absolutely chock full of texture…very much a complete wine as opposed to a jar of jam. Made with the intention of complimenting food, not dominating it, this Zin exhibits a spectrum of flavors including red fruits like strawberries and raspberries as well as some riper black fruit flavors such as blackberries and plums.  The fruit flavors in the wine are complemented by a good dose of chewy tannins, a hint of oak, and great acidity. This wine is comprised of 60% Limerick Lane estate grown fruit. The balance of the fruit comes from 2 vineyards: The Crossroads vineyard on West Dry Creek Rd and the 100 year old Sodini vineyard just down the street on Limerick Lane. Textured, layered, rich and complex yet appropriately balanced, this is a Zinfandel that hearkens back to the days of Italian immigrants and field blends.  It is reflective of a time when Zinfandel was known for much more than just a fruit and is very much a product of the unique growing conditions at Limerick Lane.

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