Redmon 2009 Estate Cabernet a MUST have!

Redmon is slowly, but surely building a reputation as one of the BEST Cabernet producers in the Napa Valley.  This 5th release might just be their best effort yet to-date.  Unfortunately, the quantities are very limited, so I suggest you jump on this one immediately.

RedmonRedmon 09 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Napa
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This is an amazing follow-up to the successful 2008 vintage. The good news — the wine is equally amazing in quality. The bad news — only 300 cases were produced, and the price went up just a little bit. That happens; Mother Nature is not always on your side in the quantity department.

The 2009 Redmon Estate Cabernet is pure elegance showcasing an amazing integration of well-balanced fruit, silky tannins, the right touch of acidity as well as a complex bouquet of anise, sweet plums, sweet kirsch, black currant and bramble berries and a whiff of licorice. This is by far the best wine to come from this little estate.

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