Happy New Years!

Happy New Year!Well, January is nearly upon us and I only have about 24 hours to finish up my 2011 resolutions. Many of them were accomplished, a few didn’t quite make it, and I never did manage to find that “other” bottle of Château Lafitte I was looking for!

In looking at the things that really matter the most to me, for 2012 a lot of my resolutions will carry on from last year. Keep spending quality time with my family, drink good wine every day, and stay healthy. I plan to donate to a good cause and take a few nice vacations for less stress! 🙂 I will continue to provide the best service and wine possible to my clients and take good care of my employees.

What are you planning to change or continue to do wonderfully for 2012? Stop by my facebook page and share them with me. Together we can make 2012 the best year yet, for all of us!

May you all have a very Happy New Year!