It is crunch time for those Holiday gifts!

Christmas is less than 10 days away! Are your stockings all hung and your mistletoe strategically placed? If you haven’t got all of your shopping done, you know I can help. And to get it to you in time, I am offering a 25% discount on air freight on all orders of $500 or more scheduled to arrive before Christmas! (Call to receive discount)

From budget to extravagant, or from succulent Reds to bubbly Champagnes, I have some great Gift Cases to fit any wish list. If you need some help choosing the perfect wines for someone in particular, I am available as your personal sommelier.

Take a look at the offerings below and click on the image below or at to make your selection, or just give me a call at 415-337-4083.

Holiday Gift Cases

Get your order in as soon as possible to get it under the tree before Santa arrives. One and Two day shipping options guarantee it at your door before Christmas, and Three-day shipping stands a good chance. If you have a question, dont hesitate to give me a call!

Happy Holidays, and always yours,

Frank Melis