Wine for Japan Assistance

Dear friends of Golden Gate Wine Cellars :
I just found out that one of my longtime clients in Japan died during the awful earthquake/Tsunami.
Even if Mr. Watanabe had not died, I would have still send out this email that Golden Gate Wine Cellars would donate 5% of sales generated between today and March 18, 2011 to the Japanese victims.  I have contacted the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco and have been given donation information.
As we did with Haiti, we feel the need of doing this for the people in Japan. So if you had planned to order wine in the near future, why not do it before March 18 and help the people in Japan.
I was in San Francisco in 1989 during the earthquake on October 17 (which happens to be my wife’s birthday),  and can tell you that help was badly needed then – Japan was hit much harder than the Bay Area and they will need help for a long time to come.
I will supply you with a report on March 21 as to how much we generated for the victims of the Japanese earthquake.
A very humbled,
Frank Melis