14th Premiere Napa Valley Auction

I attended the 14th Premiere Napa Valley this past weekend and purchased some great auction lots! Soon, some of these new finds will show up on our website and in emails to you.

I visited with some new wineries, Ashe (their upcoming Cabernet release is stunning). Winemaker is Philippe Melka, who does not need any intro. I purchased lots from Cornerstone (Howell Mountain) Cabernet, Larkin (Pritchard Hill – same source as Bryant Family, Chappellet, etc.), and of the Boeschen lot.

The greatest find was Boeschen winery. I was blown away by this little gem. I should have their 2007 Cabernet in stock by the end of March, the wine is stunning!

14th Premiere Napa Valley Auction

As for the Auction, there were 200 lots (I tasted about 80 of them over a three day period). I was very impressed with the quality (all of them 2008 vintage), and had my bidding paddle up many times. For those of you who would be interested next year to have me bid on certain lots, please get in touch ASAP.

Most lots are 5 cases, which are exclusively produced for this auction. They are labeled with a private label as well! It would be great to have 5 people combine in a purchase so you get something very limited.

I had a few of my clients take me up on this offer, and soon they will be in possession of some one-of-a-kind Cabernets from Premiere Napa Valley 2010!